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  1. J

    Need help with my barb!

    I've got Top Fin water conditioner as well. Is that adequate?
  2. J

    Need help with my barb!

    Both the barb and loach have been together for almost 2 years. My current tank has been set up for about a year. I inherited the barb, and bought the loach shortly after. Water conditioner- API Stresscoat Test kit- API Master Test Kit(liquid) Ammonia- 4ppm Nitrates- 40ppm
  3. J

    Need help with my barb!

    Rookie mistake in not knowing that the loach needed a community of them(i found out shortly after buying my current tank). I know i need a large tank...any suggestions on a good site for affordable tanks? Ive done some prelim searching recently. Ammonia was 4ppm 😞 I did a 50% water change this...
  4. J

    Need help with my barb!

    The glass is clean, just has water marks on the outside from when i changed the water a day ago. Ammonia and nitrates were high when i tested earlier today. Nitrites were non existent. My PH was stupidly low at 6.0 (from what i understand, this has a large impact on ammonia, nitrite, and...
  5. J

    Need help with my barb!

    Red Tail Tinfoil Barb has some serious issues. He's had a "fungus" on his lip for maybe a few months. It did not seem to bother him, but i still attempted to treat it with various medications(including several water changes). About 2 days ago, overnight, he developed an ulcer on his upper...
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