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    Bloodred parrot

    Thanks its all better now
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    Bloodred parrot

    Here is some pics at different positions
  3. IMG_20200129_155709.jpg


  4. IMG_20200129_155725.jpg


  5. IMG_20200129_155650.jpg


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    Bloodred parrot

    Gills r normal looking, fish is healthy. The bump is like a knuckle no tares or paracites on the skin. Water is cleaned regularly, green tinge is from a plant near the surface. Fish is eating normally as well as behaving as normal. Other fish is healthy
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    Bloodred parrot

    Thanks for getting back to to me its 120 litre tank
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    Bloodred parrot

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. Iv 2 bloodred parrot fish, had them about 5 yrs. They both are about the size of my hand. Recently one of them has developed a pea sized bump just above its eyes. Is this normal? It's a healthy fish and appears to be happy enough. Just want to know if this is...