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    Monday evening music..

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    A treat for your ears...

    The best ever version of Comfortably Numb
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    It would appear that I have tee-shirts older than some members on here !!
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    I do start the plants off in my greenhouse, but these have been outside for at least a month. (North east England) The winter has been very mild this year, only a couple of days of snow !
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    Nothing better to do, so I thought I'd take a couple of pics of some of my plants.
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    Best name ever......

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    Anyone from the UK?

    Northumberland here. Do like a cup of tea.
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    "Shattered Tree" - 140 ltr Opti-white

    Looks really very good. From a purely personal point of view, I think I would have a black background if that were mine. Everybody is different, of course.
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    I posted this....

    ....on my facebook page. I have suffered ever since.
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    What is this on the chicken breast?

    Looks like something from Alien covenant
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    The worst park job EVER!

    When the woman was trying to park, the silver Vectra wasn't there....that bay was empty ! That makes this parking even more ridiculous.
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    Maybe a bit creepy!

    From a canny few years ago and my grandson polishing my head !
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    Where do I buy a tank cheap in the UK?

    Get yourself along to a fish auction. Most areas seem to have a couple each year. Hardware tends to go for next to nothing, and you can pick up some first rate livestock very cheaply too.
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    Roma renovation project!

    Thanks for the reply Trev. I did wonder about the effects it would have on Ph, but this can obviously be overcome by rinsing. I feel a project coming on !
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    Roma renovation project!

    Looks great. Pardon my total ignorance, but when you say "cement" are you talking brick layers cement, or something totally different ?