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    What is this

    I have this this green/brown stuff growing mostly on the plants, but also over the glass and gravel?? How to remove for good?
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    Blue eye breeding

    I believe they are Archocentrus spilurum. There is 5 in the tank, however only 1 is a lot larger and definitely has the head bump. I guess 1 male and 4 females would give good odds of breeding?
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    Blue eye breeding

    I have had these guys since they were tiny. I believe I have a mixture of M/F I was hoping they are getting close to breeding. There is one that has really changed its colours I believe it’s a female? (Picture with strips) She hides a lot but also is really a bully and chases everyone off...
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    Are these 2 mating or just Hangin out
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    All in one aquariums

    I have attached 3 options. What would be your preference?
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    All in one aquariums

    Can anyone recommend what brand is good for all in one tanks (tan, filter, stand light etc) Eg. jewel? Aqua one? Cade? I am looking at a 5-6ft used for freshwater
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    Firemouth no colour

    I had a pair (I think) of firemouths. The male was really harassing the female and bullying her. I removed the male to a spare tank. Since then the female has gone really white, no colour at all?
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    Fish extreme panic

    Ontop of my previous post: Over the last couple of months I’ve had to remove several fish from fighting etc. each time I have to remove all the tank rock and wood so I am able to catch them. This has resulted in my current fish being so scared that every time I walk past the tank now they...
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    Blue eye cichlids and bristlenose

    Hi, Few questions in one post here. I have 5 blue eyes who have grown up together along with 4 bristles The largest blue eye has excavated a cave and hides there, does this mean they will breed soon? I would hope there is a mix of M/F Also in this particular cave the bristlenose like to hang...