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  1. ian

    Dying Plants (Help)

    Swords won't die without a nutritious substrate, they feed just as well through their leaves. Believe it or not, the root systems are large due to them being marginal. They normally get flooded during rainy seasons, and the roots act as an anchor. Just because the have large roots doesn't mean...
  2. ian

    Interesting Plant Question

    It does this when the n03 in the tank is a little on the lower side. A lot of aquascapers will run the n03 on the lower side to get out the reds in plants.
  3. ian

    Miracle Beam Aquarium Laser!

    The matrix will get you all in the end.
  4. ian

    Any Ideas?

    That is Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, good call Kirky.
  5. ian

    Can Someone Helpful Person Maybe Answer A Few Questions?

    They do, but it's negligible on par readings. Par is what's important to our plants.
  6. ian

    Can Someone Id This Plant?

    I can quite honestly say, that the tank running at the moment has been a breath of fresh air to me. I love crypts!
  7. ian

    Can Someone Helpful Person Maybe Answer A Few Questions?

    Don't get too caught up on k ratings for bulbs...plants do not care what k rating they have. As Daize states up there ^^^ it's about preference...I personally like 2x 9000k, this is because it makes my greens look crisp. Heres a good link
  8. ian

    Can Someone Id This Plant?

    I was chatting to Mick at tropica the other day and he was saying that they're getting 2-3 new crypts a week. It's the same as swords, they're almost always un idable now.
  9. ian

    Can Someone Id This Plant?

    It looks like a crypt bullosa to me, but there's that many crypt variants out there...
  10. ian

    February 2014 - Tank Of The Month Voting Poll

    Number 6 is really well done.
  11. ian

    Cory Id

    Looks like an Otto from that image! Edit, you just posted the other image, deffo a Pygmy.
  12. ian

    Jungle Massive

    Thanks guys! Here's a couple of shots from this evening. image by Ian Holdich, on Flickr image by Ian Holdich, on Flickr
  13. ian

    Planted Tank Wpg With Co2

    ^^^^this. Don't go upping your lighting, the lighting you have is ample to grow any plant. Concentrate on the flow and c02 distribution.
  14. ian


  15. ian

    Jungle Massive

    Thanks guys and girls! @ talltree, the tank and cabinet are a TMC signature and the lighting is the new TMC aqua bars. @ coolie, thanks...I have been aquascaping for about 7 years now, and believe me, it takes a while to get the flow and distribution of flow correct in a tank. Luckily I don't...
  16. ian

    Video Animated Morph - Bare Tank To Planted

    Nicely done Daize, Lido's are hard to scape, and you've done a great job!
  17. ian

    Jungle Massive

    Hi guys, this is my new set. It's more of a jungle style tank. Using plants that I either have never used or haven't used for a while. Mainly crypts, there is some really rare ones in here, also some unknown crypts. Water change... image by Ian Holdich, on Flickr Benasoni tetra image by Ian...
  18. ian

    Got Given This

    It needs to be out of the pot to spread, it will carpet under the right conditions. Without c02 it doesn't do as well ime.
  19. ian

    Weird Staurogyne Repens Fungus

    It looks like melt to me, the tops look healthy. Stua fungus is super rare...trim the tops and replant and see what happens.
  20. ian

    Tropica Plant Growth Substrate

    The longer you leave it the better. It helps soak up un used nutrients and releases them in a timely manner. Just remember that it needs capping with sand.