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  1. Blondielovesfish

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

    Time to bring this thread back to life 
  2. Blondielovesfish

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

      "According to Metro, there is no known cure for the poison, which eventually suffocates the victim while they are still awake. However, doctors can fight the poison by quickly emptying the stomach and feeding patients activated charcoal to bind the toxin." ~ Real World Survivor   Doesn't look...
  3. Blondielovesfish

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

    I am winning at life because LOOK   Better pictures will come tomorrow.   I've named him Pallokala which translates to puffer in finnish.  :D So happy right now  
  4. Blondielovesfish

    Video Fish Identity

    I can't see a picture sorry.
  5. Blondielovesfish

    15 Gallon (54L) Planted Tank

    Sorry to hear about Coachette! :rip: 
  6. Blondielovesfish

    5Ft Tank Build

    Still waiting on that pic Alasse ;)
  7. Blondielovesfish

    Nin's Tanks

    Sorry to hear about the losses! Hopefully Frosty makes it! 
  8. Blondielovesfish

    December 2014 - Fish Of The Month Winner

    Adorable Axolotl TT! Congrats!
  9. Blondielovesfish

    December 2014 - Tank Of The Month Winner

    Congrats Alasse! Beautiful tank!
  10. Blondielovesfish

    Nin's Tanks

    Any updates Nin? How are they all getting on?
  11. Blondielovesfish

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

      Thank you!   Much nicer than this old mean fella:     :P     He does actually, eight sheep and he drives a tractor. Haven't you read 'A Kiwi Night Before Christmas'? (Sorry about the link, it's the best I could find)   And na, no new fishes unfortunately. I'm still waiting on my dwarf puffer...
  12. Blondielovesfish

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

    I'm back    Santa was kind to me and I got a new laptop, after my last one decided to pack up. I look forward to being active on the forums again. I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas
  13. Blondielovesfish

    Starting Fresh - 6G Nano Tank

    A few more updates.... I got my hands on some ammonia and the tank is still cycled. It processed 3ppm of ammonia in under 24 hours so cycling is all ready for a dwarf puffer. My LFS still hasn't been able to get any dwarf puffers in, so the wait continues. But I'm sure it'll all be...
  14. Blondielovesfish

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

    You've been winning for too long MOF! :grr:   I'm moving my tanks tomorrow to the new house .... any tips?  They're only 6g and 5g tanks so not too big ... but still, any tips would be appreciated! I've been reading up on how to do it but a lot of the guides seem to be for bigger tanks so I'm...
  15. Blondielovesfish

    Starting Fresh - 6G Nano Tank

    Thank you! Hopefully it won't look too messy, but we'll see I guess, the main thing is for the puffer to have lots to explore. Almost all of the ambulia have lovely green tops, which means they're growing great already! Both crypts have got at least one new leaf, which hopefully signifies the...
  16. Blondielovesfish

    Dwarf Puffer Tank Journal

    For those of you who are interested, THIS is the link to my new journal :)
  17. Blondielovesfish

    Starting Fresh - 6G Nano Tank

    Hi all,  After my betta Zeus died a few weeks ago (You can read the journal HERE), I decided that I wanted to start fresh with the tank.  I gave it a complete 100% water change (several actually, I tried my hardest to get as much gunk out from the sand), and then I gave my tank a rescape. Here...
  18. Blondielovesfish

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

      I get where you're coming from, and I'm sorry that you find these annoying, but it's just a bit of fun. Not everything on here has to be fish-related, and this is one of the topics that has almost no relevance to fish. :) It's the whole point of the "general chat" area, it's somewhere we can...
  19. Blondielovesfish

    Lighting In An Unplanted Aquarium... Should I Structure It?

    Just curious, what temperature is your tank at? The only reason why I ask is because Goldfish are coldwater fish, but guppies are more tropical. Also, what size is the tank?   Having a regular daylight cycle is good for the fish, as it gives them a good routine in terms of day/night etc. The...
  20. Blondielovesfish

    Swing, Swing.. (Warning: Cuteness Inside)

    I literally went "awww" when I saw those pics! So so cute! :wub: