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    The problem is my funny stories and some jokes were not appreciated by some, so rather than offend.
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    Just to letting everyone know I will no longer be answering questions or visiting this site. It seems some of my posts in the general chat area are not appreciated. Goodbye.
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    Sick Dwarf Gourami

    That makes things a bit harder like the water, What you need is sedate tank mates ones that dont constantly zip around.
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    Sick Dwarf Gourami

    No. That is a huge difference, Whats the PH of your tap water?
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    Sick Dwarf Gourami

    You are going to hate me now. 1 that substrate looks to rough and sharp for Cories and over time their whiskers will wear away, this is not a good thing. 2 Zebra Danios should be in a tank that's at least 3 feet long. 3 I would also suggest a few live plants including some floating ones...
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    Sponge Filters

    API Nitra-Zorb To recharge API Nitra-Zorb add 80 grams of aquarium salt to 250 milliliters of warm water, once the salt is dissolved add the pouch of nitra zorb and soak it for 2 hours then rinse the nitra zorb and reuse. Seachem Purigen...
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    Sick Dwarf Gourami

    Some fish can take a few weeks to settle into their new tank, What other fish are in the tank?
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    Sick Dwarf Gourami

    Hi Yes, There is nothing wrong with him, You just got him today give him a few days to settle in, hes been through a rough time getting netted put into a bag then being transported to your place and being put in a new environment.
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    Shrimp lost color.

    Is this a shrimp only tank? Shrimp need stability, even hardy cherry shrimp can suffer from big changes, IMO 50% is too much. As long as your tank is cycled you have good filtration some live plants and are not overfeeding 25% a week should be more than enough. I know people who only change...
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    Submersible Water Pump

    I tried fluro, waste of money. Dont use co2 I think co2 injection has no place in a tank with livestock in it.
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    Removing Nitrate from tap water + testing

    How high are they?
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    Submersible Water Pump

    Hey No problem. I love talking about my tanks and showing photos. I run a 6 foot Beamsworkt 6500K LED Yes I have 2, I do not use co2. The substrate is pea gravel. I do not vacuum the...
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    Submersible Water Pump

    Try this
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    Submersible Water Pump

    PS The drilling of a hole in the floor next to the tank is optional, but the 100 g is in a cabinet, This was just after the big floods we had.
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    60 gallon cycling question

    Colin From what I understand its kinda like Seachem Stability.
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    Submersible Water Pump

    Yes you can do that. I have an old Aquael Pat Mini Filter for just that in my 100 gallon. I got 20 meters of 12 mm clear plastic hose from Bunnings drilled a hole in the floor and then poked 17 meters of the hose through the hole and ran it to the garden, now when I want to empty my tank I...
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    Aquascape soil

    Go out and buy a box of these, they come in various sizes. Eat the chocolate, then remove the label from the lid, place the lid in the tank and fill with sand and you get this.
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    Thick biofilm over tank 24 hours

    Hi Hate to be the bearer of bad news but your tank is way too small for zebra danios they need a tank that's at least 3 feet long.
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    What fish should I get

    To put a Betta in the tank you would have to do something about the flow rate of the filter as its too strong.
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    Whats wrong with my beta fish? Can anyone help?

    Hi Please stop using betta fix its no good for the betta. Can you please answer the following questions. How big is the tank? Has it got a heater? What is it set to? Has it got a filter? How strong is the current? Is it cycled? How often do you change water? How much water do you change? Do...