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    Puffer fish ID

    I got this fish from my local fish shop, though when I questioned the name they were adamant it was an emerald puffer, though clearly it isn't. That makes a lot more sense in terms of the scientific name, I guess it's most likely a Leiodon cutcutia that hasn't reached the normal size for one...
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    Puffer fish ID

    Yeah it's an odd one, I saw Leiodon cutcutia or "Ocellated pufferfish" which look identical but some websites are saying they are the same as the tetrodon, though the 2 fish look totally different. I'm lost at this point haha
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    Puffer fish ID

    Any ideas on the scientific name for this puffer? Around 10cm fully grown, advertised as an emerald puffer. I think it may be a tetradon cutcutia but I think it's too small?
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    New balloon Mollie gasping for air at the surface

    Hi Colin, Thank you! And thanks for the advice, I carried out a large water change when I noticed they had started going to the surface. I’m a bit worried about disturbing the bacteria in the sand this early on? Also I’ve added an air stone, fingers crossed they’ll be more comfortable now...
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    New balloon Mollie gasping for air at the surface

    I’ve got a newly cycled tank, has been cycling for about 3 weeks, all the parameters were good and settled, so I’ve just added 2 balloon Mollies last night. I’ve check today and they both go to the surface, one only very occasionally, but the other is constantly going up for air. I’m on my way...
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