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    Plant Donations

    I'm after some fast growing plants for my new Walstad tank. I've got quite a few in there already but think I need a few more to really get things going.
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    Giant Vallis & Sagittaria £5 Posted Only One Lot!

    Plants received in good condition, very pleased. Thank you!
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    Plants For Sale

    I'll take the 2 for £5
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    Giant Vallis & Sagittaria £5 Posted Only One Lot!

    Ill take it!
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    Duckweed & Water Lettuce £3 Posted, Ashford, Kent.

    Yeah I'll take some duckweed and lettuce please :)
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    Are Backgrounds Needed ?

    Ive tried various backgrounds and my absolute favourite is black acrylic paint. Perfect finish, no bubbles, just super smooth mat black finish. East to get off too should you decide to change it.
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    My Empty Tank Just Cracked

    Cool thanks :) Yeah I already have another tank setup. Its a diy project, alcove tank. I built a sturdy frame using 70mm batons and 18mm ply shelf. Stuck a camping mat down to iron out the imperfections and stuck a 4ft tank on top. :)
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    My Empty Tank Just Cracked

      Right, so the chances are it wouldn't have cracked had I left it setup??
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    My Empty Tank Just Cracked

      Hmm, interesting...   Yeah that's exactly what I thought when it happened!!
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    My Empty Tank Just Cracked

    A few days ago I emptied my AquaOne tank. Drained all the the water and scooped out all the sand. There was some wet sand left in the bottom so I left the tank to stand for a couple of days hoping it would dry out so I could hoover it out. It didnt dry out enough so I put a small fan heater in...
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    For Sale: Complete Co2 Setup

    Is this still availble?
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    Alcove Tank Project

    Hi there fish people! I currently have a nice Regency 190l tank in my living room but would very much like to swap this tank for one that would fit in one of my alcoves. I am looking to build a frame in the alcove using 70mm batons screwed to brick walls with the additions of 4 legs so it will...