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    Got a cool picture of my golden wonder killifish

    I just thought I would share a cool picture of my golden wonder killifish :) These were my first experience with killis and I love them - especially the male, he is hilarious. He's so fun to feed and watch jump out of the water for food. Everytime I put my fingers in the tank for whatever...
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    Vote Now! - August 2022 Fish of the Month Contest (Plecos)

    This is Tuna Turner. He is a four year old albino bristlenose pleco. I purchased him at my lfs as a wee little pleco. He was so tiny I was afraid he would get squished in the corner of the bag. Anyway, now he's about six inches long. I never see him until night time and anytime he catches me...
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    Need help identifying fry

    Nice! Thank you! I don't think I've ever seen these in the local stores before. Reading up on them they sound like they will fit in perfectly in the tank they're in now! What luck :)
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    Need help identifying fry

    So, I am a sucker for tiny fish. Today I saw a couple of tiny fish in a neon tetra tank with a few different types of gourami. They seemed super cute and looked like a bite sized snack for the gouramis in the tank so I asked the clerk what they were. There weren't any labels matching them...
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    Duckweed is awful

    I've seen my golden tetras eating the duckweed and the endlers guppies nibbling the frogbit roots. I think my blind cave tetras are doing the bulk of the eating though. They swim around just gulping whatever fits in their mouth. During every feeding they grab entire algae and shrimp wafers and...
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    Duckweed is awful

    I love duckweed but my fish eat the crap out of it! I bought some frogbit at the same time as the duckweed because I like the way the roots hang down in the water...they ate the roots off of all my frogbit clusters too :'( I just want some dang floating plants!
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    Feed your plants fishy poopy water!

    My strawberry plants EXPLODED when we did this. They were straggly and sad looking and now in just over a month or so they have over taken their container and are growing over the edges of it. They love it.
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    Gourami has eye problem

    No the eye isn't red - the red you see is inside of his head. Other than the one blind eye he is swimming at the top and looking well again. Thank you for the info about filters - I didn't know that! I do take them out when I dose the tank but I thought you had to have activated charcoal for...
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    Gourami has eye problem

    My opaline gourami is at least three years old and for the past 3-4 weeks they have been very lethargic, pale, and have clamped side fins. They also had a few tiny air bubbles on their scales (clear air bubbles, not ich spots). I increased the tank temp from 76 to 78, lowered the flow of the air...
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    Vote Now! October 2021 Tank of the Month Contest (17 to 30 Gal)

    This is a 30 gallon bowfront aquarium. It's my first and only tank and it's about 3 years old now. I have 2 marineland HOB filters because I didn't trust one and I have two poopin' plecos so it works for me. Longterm I am ready to begin experimenting with more live plants, especially floating...
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