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  1. Pricey95

    Clown Loach breeding

    I've got 1 puffer fish, 3 clown loaches and 1 pleco. The clown is protecting the eggs. I know clown breeding isn't common in the hobby. But they've spawned. Will update when they're wrigglers. They've all fetalised. Only 2/3 have whited.
  2. Pricey95

    Clown Loach breeding

    So yesterday morning I woke up to see my clown loaches have laid a batch of eggs. They've all been fertilised. Strange to see this from 2 inch clowns. So they've laid them on the intake of the internal filter. Have a fairly big fahaka puffer in with them which they all get along. I will be...
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  7. Pricey95

    Orange sulpher head?

    Hi there. I've had this guy from a fry for over 2 years now. Never have I seen one like him, is it a hybrid or a sulpher head?
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  9. Pricey95

    Micro particles

    I haven't no? I take it you'd recommend it..
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  11. Pricey95

    Micro particles

    Hi there. I'm running a 300l tank with a sump and a tmc return pump rated for 4000lph. I cannot get rid of micro stuff in the tank. I know its not micro bubbles as once the pumps off the particles remain still. I've tried different micron socks, loads of floss to polish the small particles out...
  12. Pricey95


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  14. Pricey95


    I've got 4 platinum convict parrots.any way to sex them?
  15. Pricey95

    Colour enhancing fish food

    My colour enhancing fish food is garunteed to colour up almost any fish. Especially cichlids. NO HORMONES! This food goes A LONG way!! 1 feed a week is all you need. 50g for £8 100g for £13 500g for £45 1 kilo for £80 Message me for before and after pictures of results. Will give a full refund...
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  19. Pricey95


    Great humour.. Sarcasm. Have you ever vented a fish? Doesn't seem that way, criticising how one is safely holding a fish.
  20. Pricey95


    Trying to squeeze its guts out.. Seems the answers in the op ?