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  1. BerryAttack

    5Ft Tank Build

    nice tank, with the swords why don't you just gently fan (with your hand) to move the waste into a spot so you can get it? that's what i did when i had a sand substrate.
  2. BerryAttack

    Betta - Bellies

    i only feed mine (same with other fish) 3 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have planted aquariums so if they are hungry they go for the plants. Personally I think that feeding every day is too much, but everyone has their thing. 
  3. BerryAttack

    Duckweed Problem

    i have water lettuce in my tank and find that they just like to sit on top and not move. but if they do its at a grandma pace. 
  4. BerryAttack

    Overfeeding Help

    if feeding flakes i have it pinched between my fingers then swish it around the whole length of the tank and done; everyone spreads out.  for pellets i sprinkle the whole length of the tank (not huge amount) or throw it (any food type) into the current of the filter and it quickly spreads it.
  5. BerryAttack

    How To Take Good Pictures Of A Fish Tank?

    make a video of your fish, have it in focus when doing it. then upload the video to computer, pause at point of where you think it is the best of the fish then take a screen shot. boom got it. you might not have the colour that you want if adjusting the settings and taking a pic but its easier...
  6. BerryAttack

    Female Pregnant Belly Reversible?

    doesn't look prego to me... either over fed = bloating and or an internal parasite.   cut the feeding for 5 days.. if she doesn't slim down then its internal parasite; if her poo is white and or stringy etc.   post the stats of the tank, tank size and what she is kept with. how long the tank has...
  7. BerryAttack

    Attempt 4 With My 10 Gallon... Stocking Ideas?

    i would make it a low tech planted aquarium. assorted shrimp with the beta as the show fish and have nano fish for schooling. think they are called galaxy tetra. then when the tank is very stable etc look for otos. try to get them tank bred as when they are caught from the wild they die very quick.
  8. BerryAttack

    Re-Stocking My 15 U.s Gallon Planted Aquarium

    you can order fish online, cheaper then what the lfs will sell. just need to look around. can't wait to see it up :)
  9. BerryAttack

    Re-Stocking My 15 U.s Gallon Planted Aquarium

    i would keep the fish breeds small as they would make the tank look larger (and you can get more :P)   first if you are running co2 then look into dirt substrate (absolute dream and the plants will love it) then with the light blah - plants will determine what you can get.. but what i would...
  10. BerryAttack

    Help Identifying Two Plants.

    I don't know what the second is, but know that the first is not fully aquatic, but can stay in the aquarium for a week or so then must be brought out and planted in a pot. personally i think that by doing that it won't help the plant and the moving etc won't be good. better to have it just in a...
  11. BerryAttack

    Platy Preggers Permanently?

    I think that adding any pressure to her might stress her more and kill her, but if she is in labour for the past few days then there is an issue with some of the fry stuck (my guess). IMO i think that if she doesn't have the fry and is still in labour (heavy breathing etc) then she can die that...
  12. BerryAttack

    New Betta Staying At The Bottom Of The Tank

    belly up? then swam away, most likely something is wrong with the beta and isn't just scared. the stress of the move and harm it, but with the belly up situation i would think that it is more. the overall look of the beta will determine if it is ok. bloating, ripped fins etc.   when ever i had a...
  13. BerryAttack

    Stocking A 100 Litre Planted Aquarium

    IMO i think you are going to run into problems with your substrate. the sand, sure it can be the cap and the Tropical Plant Substrate that you will have, but under it will allow the sand to seep in. also it doesn't give nutrients to the plants just holds it. you put a root tap it'll allow all of...
  14. BerryAttack

    Are Bettas Picky Eaters?

    once he is hungry enough he'll eat it, so don't worry.
  15. BerryAttack

    What Is The Best Substrate?

    i have planted tanks so i use dirt and a small black gravel cap. if you have sand in your tank and the water is still cloudy.. mix the sand up, and so a 90% water change putting in warm treated water and it'll clear the water. i have used play sand and that you'll have to rinse for a long time...
  16. BerryAttack

    Cleaning Filter Media?

    same with the bucket idea, but just have the filter media over the bucket and rinse it while doing a water change.
  17. BerryAttack

    Shrimp Help

    First get the tank up and running way before you get the shrimp. they do best in live planted tanks, but if you feel that plants would be to hard look into moss walls/grounds. don't need any substrate, just the proper lighting and it'll be great. you jut need a grid to attach the moss to and...
  18. BerryAttack

    New Addition!

    congrats. these fish get large and should have a min of 30 gallons per angel.  lol the more you know xD
  19. BerryAttack

    Ph Problem In My 36 Gallon

    the decor can be causing the issues as the paint leaches into the water. did you just buy them and think they would look nice in the tank? sometimes the brand at the pet store are not safe and some are.  if you are already testing the water before adding it in - which is fine and then it is...
  20. BerryAttack

    Thinking About Purchasing An External Filter [Couple Of Questions]

    those are schooling fish and need a group of 6+ and will get huge and also to keep them you'll need a 100g+ tank with the schooling size etc etc for proper health and growth, and schooling. the feeding is probably what is causing the mess. so only feed 3 times a week, med size fish (depending on...