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    Sexing my new betta

    I will be sure to upload more photos soon. I haven't seen the fish flare often, making me suspect it might be a female, as my other male bettas seem to flare quit frequently. On top of that, I haven't seen any form of bubble nest being built. I suspect it's a female
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    Corydora Swarzi mystery

    That's what I figured. It's a shame tho
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    Sexing my new betta

    Yesterday I went to my LFS, looking to buy some supplies, and as one does, spotted a betta which I just had to have. It was a short finned galaxy koi betta, living in a community tank. I asked about it and was told that it was a male. I bought it and introduced it to my community tank and he...
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    Corydora Swarzi mystery

    I have had a school of 6 corydora swarzi for about a month now and they seemed to be pretty active from day to day bases. A couple of days ago I noticed the school went from 6 to 5. I looked around the tank and was unable to spot the last one, since the tank is heavily planted. I didn't think...
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    Corydoras swarzi not eating bloodworms

    Don't worry I feed bloodworms once/twice a week. Today I bought Sera insect flakes (larvae), the closest thing I could find to Fluval Bug bites. The corries seem to love them. They get a mix of plates and pallets sera and hakari. In the future I hope to introduce live food in their diet, but...
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    Corydoras swarzi not eating bloodworms

    So I recently got a group of 6 corydora swarzi in my 60l planted community tank. They settled in quit quickly, are active and enjoy foods such as high quality flake and pallet. They have even been eating froze tublex worms, but they eat the bloodworm and then spit them out through their gills...
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    What would you stock with honey gouramis?

    Honey gouramis are very peaceful and get along with all other community fish. Here are some idea for tank mates any smaller tetra/rasboras, small rainbows, hatchetfish etc. In terms of bottom dwellers; kuhli loaches, corrys, plecos etc. Paradise fish look very similar to gouramis and can be kept...
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    Is mosquito larvae good for fish?

    Just scoop them out with a net or just a cap. But if you want to keep the bucket filled with water but want to eliminated the chance of any mosquitoes laying more eggs, add some kind of lid.
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    Bristlenose Babies

    You don't need to worry about introducing disease from live food such as brine shrimp. BP fry require live foods to be raised, but they will grow lower (like all fish) Do add cool water? If you want to trigger these fish, do a 50%-80% COOL water change, as this will trick them into thinking...
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    Bristlenose Babies

    Yep they are definitely mature. What are your water parameters like? When was the last time you did a water change?
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    Spawning mops colour

    I recently got a group of 5, 1 male and 4 female, fortailed rainbofish. I haven't kept any rainbows before, so I was excited to try them out. They really seem to appreciate the planted community setup, shared by 5 corrydora's two plecos and 4 ottos. I been feeding a mixed diet, and doing...
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    How to encourage bristlenose plecos to breed?

    Hey I just commented about this on another about this on another thread. I'm posting it here as I feel is more relevant to the category: Breeding bristlenose plecos is not that difficult. The most important thing is that your fish are of breeding age, usually about a year old, and can be...
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    Bristlenose Babies

    Breeding bristlenose plecos is not that difficult. The most important thing is that your fish are of breeding age, usually about a year old, and can be immediately sexed. The male will then claim a cave and try to entice the female to breed and eventually trap the female in the cave where she...
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    Bristlenose Babies

    This is a very common thing to happen. It happen to me last year, in my 180l planted community, stocked with angles, gouramis, appistos and Colombian tetras. I took the babies out the first time they spawned and kept pulling the fry for months to sell to my LFS. Before summer, when I was...
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    Guppy sex ratio

    Yep that's how it goes with guppies. U might find someone to give these guppies off to, especially if you are planning on getting more females. You will have even more fry then.
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    Guppy sex ratio

    What you want is 2-3 females per male. Your ration should be a bitt better now that you got the fry, but you might want to toss in a couple of new females in the tank to keep them from inbreeding