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    Mystery Fish?

    most of them are patera appressa, but i can’t remember off the top of my head what the other two species i have are (i won’t lie, i definitely just picked them up out of the campus food garden because i felt bad about them dying lol).
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    Mystery Fish?

    i do! i have 69 (hence the username lol). i’m actually a college student, and last semester decided to get some terrestrial snails because they’re so easy to care for. i brought them with me when i went home for winter break, but ended up having to fly back to campus. my younger sister has my...
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    Mystery Fish?

    thank you! yeah, the fish keeper seemed very uninformed so i won’t be going back. from the bit of information i could find, it looks like she could already be gravid? she has a black spot on her abdomen that I can't tell if its just a color marking or that my tank is about to be stocked XD
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    Mystery Fish?

    hey y'all! im super new to keeping fish. I currently have a 10 gallon with a male betta, a kuhli loach, a pair of shrimp, a pair of endless, and something. I was *told* that it was a pair of neon tetras, but once I got them home it became very clear that only one really was. the other looks to...
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