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  1. adenud


    Guys can you tell me how to interpret this. It says here that gourami aggressiveness is going to decrease when you put 2-4 females per male. So, if you have 2 males and 6-8 females they gonna stop fighting like in the OP case?
  2. adenud

    Just For The Link

    Nice link keep painting
  3. adenud

    Just for laughs 🤪

    Love the video edit
  4. adenud

    How do you decide which plants to reduce

    Agree that's not enough plants. You can easily double every plant
  5. adenud

    Ready to get wet again !!!

    That's a nice title xdxd :)
  6. adenud


    Ah cool not many fishkeepers have their own youtube channels
  7. adenud

    Hello everyone nice to see you!

    Hi there! Gonna get myself accustomed to the forum.