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  1. Myraan

    Just a few questions...

    If the brine shrimp were feeding on the cockroach, I wonder if it has improved their nutritional value by stomach loading them?
  2. Myraan

    Why are my guppies staying near the surface of the tank?

    That's too small really for "some guppies". It might be fine biologically for 1 or 2 guppies, but not a lot of swimming space. Only really big enough for shrimp or a single Betta (and son here would say too small for the Betta). If you meant 12 gallons you are probably fine, but 12L is only...
  3. Myraan

    Liquid Fertilizers

    I was mildly concerned that my tank was measuring a tiny bit more gH than my tap water. The I read another post on here and realised there is Ca and K in flourish comp.
  4. Myraan

    40 gallon / 155liters - silent cycle - green or red? Stocking suggestions please!

    Sounds good. Yes I don't like that JBL pH test either - but that is because it is a wide range one. They sell refills of the two shorter range tests if that helps. I'm using my hold API pH test at the moment. (If you buy the JBL tests separately and not just as refills you will get spare test...
  5. Myraan

    40 gallon / 155liters - silent cycle - green or red? Stocking suggestions please!

    The OP isn't doing a fishless cycle they are doing a planted cycle, other than that I would agree with @threecharacters. I would add some (not all) of the fish first and be conservative with the feeding until you have tested a few times. I would also consider using a supplement such as flourish...
  6. Myraan

    Hello to all, I've just joined

    I've seen people on youtube use natural looking bathroom tiles on bare bottom tanks for aesthetic purposes
  7. Myraan

    Hello to all, I've just joined

    I hate to admit - but I gotta say every picture I see of pirate fish ornament in use.... I like it (where's that unpopular opinion thread got to?)
  8. Myraan

    Why are my guppies staying near the surface of the tank?

    Feed just once a day for the moment, you are doing what is known as a "fish in cycle". You will need to do a 50% water change probably everyday also, the fish are excreting ammonia and the fish poo and uneaten food is rotting to produce more ammonia. I suspect most of the symptoms are because...
  9. Myraan

    adventures of a failed wanna-be rice farmer

    Would starting off in a dry tank first work? For the unlimited CO2 and stuff? Though I think mould is a risk because you need to keep everything moist and humid. I guess that ship has sailed, and you need the water for fish and the other plants....
  10. Myraan

    New forum idea—for kids?

    I forget....
  11. Myraan

    22 gallon Small river based aquarium journal.

    I don't think you will realistically be breeding them anytime soon. Not sure how safe the eggs and fry would be in a small community tank, I think gourami parenting ends after the eggs hatch, I could be wrong. You will need it much better planted including either floaters or long stems that are...
  12. Myraan

    22 gallon Small river based aquarium journal.

    The dimensions are technically too small for gourami, but not by much to be honest. I would consider a single male, it will be difficult for the female to run away and hide when the husband is building the building the bubble nest. Dwarf gouramis are less gentle as regards that sort of thing...
  13. Myraan

    My new “old” hobby

    But ye, if you divide the shoals between tanks like I guess you are planning you should have room for reasonable sized shoals, though many on here are probably more strict than me as regards stocking rules. They are good place to start, but crowding issues and water quality will let you know...
  14. Myraan

    My new “old” hobby

    If you got enough plants, I reckon there's easily space for even more at least in terms of the shoal sizes you are obviously thinking of, the bioload is likely smaller per liter than what most people will happily house goldfish or oscars in, and you are far from crowded in terms of swimming space.
  15. Myraan

    Space Travel

    Then this thread will have to moved back the original fish related opinions thread?
  16. Myraan

    Please help me with plants! 😂

    I remember a post @Byron made where he said he'd contacted someone , perhaps Seachem, to ask about that and they suggested it might be better to add the supplement the day after the water change because of that..... although personally I suspect the plants will still use the heavy metal...
  17. Myraan

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    My unpopular opinion: dayglo pink plastic plants is the ADVANTAGE of fake plants cus you ain't never gonna get colours as pretty as that using real plants...
  18. Myraan

    Easy plants to take care of for a 5 gallon

    Ironically I believe anubias is terrestrial, but it happens to do fine in water as well,
  19. Myraan

    A tank built for a Cat

    I saw someone on reddit have a cat pee in the sand on their brand new tank They wanted to know whether to throw the sand or use the pee to cycle
  20. Myraan

    Euthanasing large goldfish

    And the theory is that freezing essentially does the same but apparently that requires a reference whereas clove oil does not?