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    yeah, I'd love it if you could find that out for me! haha I know it's perfectly normal but I still giggle when people talk about putting tortoises in the fridge :lol: it just sounds so strange! I'm sure my garage will probably be cold enough if I can't take the fridge idea seriously haha. yeah...
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    Nominations For January 2011 Potm Competition - Post Them Here

    I know this probably ought to have been a December entry, what with the festivity, but this is Herbie getting ready for christmas! Here is the thread
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    Thanks for the nominations! :rolleyes: awww haha chesterscot! Yeah, Herbs I think is still a little young for hibernation. Having said that, I'm really nervous about the first time I'm going to leave him in a little hay-filled box over Winter. He's so lively, I can't imagine him sleeping for...
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    Snow Reindeer!

    haha! thanks, but no not at all, I'm only 14 anyway. I guess I'm quite interested in art and photography, and dad used to take me to pottery classes when I was younger, but me and my sister found it boring so we just messed about and made anything we wanted :lol: I like sculpting :) My dad...
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    Thanks for the nomination! He was quite a poser in that one :) But the question is, what to get for your pet for christmas? :unsure: especially a tort haha. I'm thinking... perhaps a new table? :) Shame they don't sell reptile versions of those little Pets At Home christmas stockings :lol:
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    Snow Reindeer!

    Thank you! The legs needed finishing but it was getting dark :/ The sun sets at, what, 4pm these days?
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    Snow Reindeer!

    Being such an animal fanatic, a snow MAN was just out of the question :P I don't think dad realised what he'd unleashed in me when he challenged me to make a snow reindeer :lol: Here is Rudolph. He took me about three hours, and gave me another cold; But I'm quite proud :rolleyes: Hope...
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    This is Herbie, my two year old tort. He was looking very glum when he saw me decorate the christmas tree so I made him a little something to get him in a festive mood! :lol: Merry christmas! :rolleyes:
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    I'm Looking For More Caption Pics.

    Not sure about this, but I can think of a few captions...
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    What Is This Cat?

    haha I love it! :hyper: I'll tell them to listen closely. He is very vocal though, dad mentioned he sometimes replies when you ask questions which there were many videos of talking bengals as i was on youtube hahahaha
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    Meet Barley!

    Thanks very much! :good: we've just got him a few extra chew toys, his favourite still seems to be wellies! But they're stored away now so I think we're okay :rolleyes: His teeth aren't fully developed so it's quite soft so we don't mind right now :lol: we're going to deal with the "if...
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    What Is This Cat?

    He's a cheeky one! I fed him yesterday, a few gobbling minutes later, he sat beside every other member of the household calling "YOOOWWWW" with pleading eyes :-( for another meal! :rolleyes: