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  1. kiwi210

    Neon Tetra Dying

    Like I said, I'll post everything in detail in a few weeks when I set up my 75 gallon tank(SW.) I really don't get it either but I will say I try to make it as least complicated as possible. I use tap water with a water softener. But seriously, I will post everything and maybe someone can find...
  2. kiwi210

    Neon Tetra Dying

    Sorry, but my freshwater was established in about 4 days. May have been 5, I don't really remember, it was well over 2 years ago since I set up my last freshwater tank. I had no existing media but I have had lots of prior experience.  I really don't understand why it takes so long. I don't mean...
  3. kiwi210

    How To I Upgrade My Saltwater Tank?

    Yes they can both be set up at the same time. 
  4. kiwi210

    Neon Tetra Dying

    Nope, just experience. My recent 30 gallon freshwater cycled in 4 days with a pair of yellow-lab cichlids. My recent 10 gallon saltwater cycled in about a week with just live rock. I didn't add any chemicals other than Prime water conditioner. Not sure why it takes so long for others. In fact...
  5. kiwi210

    Reef Safe Invertebrates?

    I'm not adding anything anytime soon. Just planning ahead. I will probably get my reef started before I do anything but I'm most likely going to add a cleaner shrimp. 
  6. kiwi210

    Purple Algae?

    Right now it just has a 15W bulb. I will be replacing it with a t5 soon. I have a circulation pump for 500 GPH and a power filter, of course. There is 10 pounds of live rock and only 1 clownfish. 
  7. kiwi210

    Neon Tetra Dying

    How long does it take to cycle a tank the fish-less way? I cycled mine with fish and all mine took about 4 days. Even my saltwater took maybe 6 days at most(I used live rock, not fish though.) 
  8. kiwi210

    Online Fish Selling?

    What are you planning on selling, I might be interested! 
  9. kiwi210

    What Did You Get-Or Give For Valentine's?

    chocolate covered strawberries :) 
  10. kiwi210

    Neon Tetra Dying

    Did they give you the exact levels of the water? There's a good chance that they didn't adjust well to your tank because it is not cycled. If you want to cycle your tank with fish, use the fish you plan to stock your tank with but just be aware that there is a risk it will die during the cycling...
  11. kiwi210


    Very cool setup! I like the idea! 
  12. kiwi210

    Do Goldfish Need A Heater?

    Goldfish are still active in freezing water! I have a small outdoor pond with 5 large goldfish. We had unusual weather a few years ago in October that brought temperatures down to well below freezing. I didn't know my water heater broke until this incident happened. Over 5 inches of ice formed...
  13. kiwi210

    Is It Safe To Add A Discus To One Of My Tanks?

    What do you mean by RO and what is the minimum tank size for 6 Discuses? 
  14. kiwi210

    Setting Up My First Saltwater Tank

    What's are the levels of the following:   pH? Chlorine/Chloramine? Ammonia? Nitrite? And the specific gravity?   I wouldn't recommend adding Nitrate treatment or any type of chemical like that. Water treatments are good for the water but bad for the fish. From my experience, when I used water...
  15. kiwi210

    Thinking About A Possible Brackish Tank-I Have A Few Questions On How

    Would I be able to do a nano tank with one of them? I'm a little unfamiliar with them, not sure how big they get or anything. Just looking to try something new! 
  16. kiwi210

    What Breed Is Your Dog?

    Aussie sheps are great sport dogs! One of my favorite breeds. Any pictures of her? 
  17. kiwi210

    How To I Upgrade My Saltwater Tank?

    Yes please! I'm interested in making this cheaper but not if it's too complicated haha!
  18. kiwi210

    Nano Tank - 10 Gallon

    I was going to reply to this with some advice but then I realized this was posted in summer of 2013 and I'm sure you have your tank started by now. My first saltwater was a 10 gallon with 1 clown and I had no problems other than some algae. How did your tank turn out?
  19. kiwi210

    Reef Safe Invertebrates?

    Looking to add some inverts to my tanks. Thinking either an urchin or starfish. I haven't started my reef yet but I know in the future I will be adding some zoas and polyps. What are some easy to maintain inverts that are also reef safe? 
  20. kiwi210

    African Cichlid Died Today... Why?

    Does the "bully" fish have his own territory and will he attack others if they invade it?    Africans are used to being crowded in the wild. They should be okay in a tank, just don't overcrowd them and be aware that they will grow in a year or two. So, if you're getting them as juveniles, just...