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  1. ξηράikhthū́s

    Injured Cardinal Tetra

    Thanks, There is lots of food because I was trying to make sure he could get food in all the spots he would float around in. I put him back in the tank and hopefully he makes it through the night. I forgot to mention that the tetras and nanos are mixed in there temporarily as my 15 gal betta...
  2. ξηράikhthū́s

    Injured Cardinal Tetra

    Hi, I am A brand new to the hobby and have a number of small tanks. In one of the tanks, ( Fluval Spec 5 gal) i have a koi betta and a mix of 5 ricefish and 4 cardinal tetra. I just noticed that one of the tetras are injured, the end half of its body looks like it got skinned and its tail is...
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