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  1. KnowingKira

    Ryuk fan club

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  3. KnowingKira

    So I am back with yet another picture of my fish since I have nobody to show him to

    I'm a simple guy, once in a blue moon when I see him not hiding, I need to have a photoshoot
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  5. KnowingKira

    Here's a picture of my pleco for absolutely no reason.

    I'm so late to this oh gosh. You catch them off guard while feeding I guess. I'm a night owl 😅
  6. KnowingKira

    Here's a picture of my pleco for absolutely no reason.

    I've had Larry over here for 5 years, boy is living his best life.
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  8. KnowingKira

    Update on my spotted raphael catfish.

    Ryuk has apparently been doing fine and dandy after I posted that other thing. If you check what I've posted before you might see I thought he wasn't okay. He quite literally knocked over two shells on his nightly workout recently and honestly good on him. Here's a picture
  9. IMG_20210427_012843.jpg


  10. KnowingKira

    Spotted raphael catfish seems to be dying

    Hello. I've been seeing an issue with my spotted raphael catfish recently. I cleaned the tank recently and he has been getting comfy face first/face up or horizontally between the tank walls / a rock and moves not as much as he used to and it's a bit worrying. I got him roughly 8/9 years ago...
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