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  1. Mandyk

    Pregnant swordtail ?

    One of them had babies last night was able to save around 15 of them, I was thinking the exact same about all the babies, I’ve a nursery tank so they are in that with 2 baby guppies, I’m delighted at the minute, but like you said could wind up with too many fish alright, we have 3 tanks, my son...
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  4. Mandyk

    Pregnant swordtail ?

    Thanks for the reply, have a smaller tank with a few baby guppy’s so hopefully will have a few swordtails to join them soon
  5. Mandyk

    Pregnant swordtail ?

    Hi all I’m new to this, I think I’ve 2 pregnant swordtails but not too sure as one seems to be like this for almost 6 weeks now
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