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  1. Novembro

    Post Your Favorite Fish Picture!

    ryan, I watched your videos this morning. Crazy! Your guys are gorgeous and mildly terrifying.
  2. Novembro

    Last Film You Saw Thread

    Just watched a docu called "Boy Interrupted". 8/10. So sad.
  3. Novembro

    My Juwel Rio 300 Journal!

    This is amazing! I'm in love with the new scape. When will you be adding fish? 
  4. Novembro

    My Planted 75 Gallon :)

    Damn. That is a wonderful looking tank! 
  5. Novembro

    My Gold Fish :)

    Love his tail fins.
  6. Novembro

    Meet Fabio

    Tank is so cute! I love it.
  7. Novembro

    The Official " Rip Philip Seymour Hoffman" Thread

    One of the greatest actors of our time. RIP.
  8. Novembro

    Meet Fabio

    Nice!   And yeah, that's what the hubs said to me- why no more fish?! I don't know, maybe I should just do my own 1g nano with a betta and let him populate a 10g. What do you think you'll put in with him?
  9. Novembro

    Coping With Fish Withdrawal

    Oh my gosh I would go nuts! I always find myself watching the fish instead of watching whatever movie is on atm. They're so much more entertaining.
  10. Novembro

    Pleco Tattoo...

    I love the idea. 
  11. Novembro

    New Centerpiece Fish

    This! I love the neon blue gouramis.
  12. Novembro

    Update On Upgrading My Tank

    Cute that your son picked those :) Looks like a good start!
  13. Novembro

    Meet Fabio

    He is super fab! Have you posted photos of your whole tank? I'd love to do a single betta tank soon.
  14. Novembro

    Fish Sketches

    Love them! You're great.
  15. Novembro

    First Tank: 15G

    New pics for those that asked! Everyone is happy happy!       Still working on a background. I definitely think you guys are right.   Almost bought a 10g for myself this weekend. Really want a betta tank 
  16. Novembro

    I Love To Draw :)

    Amazing! I can't draw to save my life.
  17. Novembro

    Last Film You Saw Thread

    Always a good pick!   Just finished Dallas Buyers Club. Didn't think I would like it, but ended up really enjoying it. Great performance by Leto.
  18. Novembro

    First Tank: 15G

    Thanks guys! :)   We added three more tetras recently. So cool to see them schooling together.
  19. Novembro

    Goldfish Pics - Image Heavy Thread

    Oh they are gorgeous! Amazing photos too! Do you have any of your whole tank setup?