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    Blue Gourami Is In Trouble...

    Might google..Iridovirus among Dwarf gourami. I personally,would euthanize any fish I had suffering after failed medication attempt's.
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    High Nitrate Level

    If there are no plant's,and no fertilizer's such as KNO3 being added, then high nitrates are indication of ..over stocking,over feeding,poor maint(few water changes),or all of the above. Water changes twice a week of 35 % for three week's should bring level's down, and reducing feeding's to once...
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    Death Of The Filter

    If the tank has been running for a few month's ,,there will be enough bacteria on substrate (largest surface area in our tank's)and removing the old filter will prolly not affect the fishes (can test every couple day's). If the tank is still new, and has not cycled,,then I agree with placing old...
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    Please Help With My Cichlids?! .. Few Slightly Major Problems!

    Looks like juvenile Green terror of Texas cichlid to me. (have kept both species)
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    Can A Water Change Be Too Dramatic?

    I would agree, Regular water changes weekly, would prevent sudden change in water chemistry that happen's when water changes are infrequent. Is the sudden change, even for the better that causes osmoregulatory problem's with fishes. In cases where ammonia or nitrites spikes are observed, then...
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    Sick Neon Tetra

    Neons are not that hardy, nor expensive. I would euthanize the fish and hope other fishes did not show similar symptoms. Could be columnaris,Neon Tetra disease,or bacterial infection. Unless I wished to spend the money on medicating, and had a quarantine tank set up to do so, I would...
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    Fish We Like So Far But Are Any Compatible

    Guppies,mollies,and platy's all prefer hard alkaline water while the tetras would do best in the long term in softer acidic conditions though some can adapt to perhaps moderately hard water.I would first determine what the ph is of my tapwater and select fishes that will thrive in this water...
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    Wanted: Bottom Dwelling Cleaner-Uppers!

    Only thing Cory's clean up is excess food and perhaps small shrimp,dead fishes if they find them. If one does not overfeed the tank,and regular maint is performed,,then there is no real need for "bottom cleaner's". Now if one want's bottom dweller's because they like them ,,well then fine but to...
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    My Fish Are Attacking Each Other

    Best to test the water BEFORE a water change. This will allow you to know what the levels are or were before the change that may have been contributing to problems. Matter's little what the readings are AFTER but water change is always a good idea when fishes seem off. Fishes could be spawning...
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    Will These Fish Cooperate?

    The German blue Ram's do poorly at temps much below 80 Degrees F which would be far too warm for the Neon's over the long term who enjoy much cooler temps 74 degrees F to 78 degrees F at upper range. I think your 20 gal? tank would be well stocked with fishes mentioned in first post.
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    Sudden Angelfish Deaths

    Fish will die back to what the tank (biofilter )can support. Would be quite difficult in my view to have 10 ppm nitrAtes with the fish you list in 220 litre tank but assuming readings are accurate,,then I would not add any new fishes for a while and see how things go. The bala shark as you have...
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    Won't Eat From Surface?

    I have had good success with New Life spectrum pellet's. (they sink) Contains all that African cichlids need with regards to diet.
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    What Catfish Will Live Comfortably In A 4Ft By 1.5Ft By 1.5Ft Tank?

    Corydoras,Many to choose from.
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    Wanted: Bottom Dwelling Cleaner-Uppers!

    Gravel vaccum is best bottom cleaner. More fish added to clean bottom just means more poop.
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    Advice On Danio Deaths And Controlling Nitrate Levels

    Less food and larger water changes are a very good way to reduce nitrAtes.While elevated nitrAtes may not be directly harmful ,they do represent excess organics in the aquarium and the majority of fishes will do better if these organic levels are kept to a minimum.(My two cents)
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    Definition Of A 'mature Tank'.

    I agree with this response to original question posted in this thread.
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    Definition Of A 'mature Tank'.

    It is possible to run a tank indefinately without a filter or water changes, many have been doing this for years with Walstad type natural planted tanks. Many also dose their planted tanks via EI method with phosphates,nitrates, in relatively large amount's (daily)and yet they have no algae...
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    Dithers For Kribensis

    Dither fishes are normally used for helping otherwise shy fishes to feel more secure while target fishes, are used to help reduce aggression by giving the fishes other fishes to focus thier aggression on. Never had a problem with shy Kribensis unless placed with much larger cichlids and or not...
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    Rainbow Cichs Tearing Up Moss?

    I kept a group of five multispinosa with some Keyhole cichlids and the multispinosa got after micro sword like ducks on june bug. If you can offer them some vegetable matter sufficient quanity,they may be less inclined to nibble plant's. New Life spectrum pellet's,Frozen Emerald Entree,dried...
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    Active Filter Spongs - Pre-Cycled - Any Experience With These?

    The active filter's sound like a good deal, and assuming they are sent in water,and it doesn't take a week for them to arrive,,this would be very good way to jump start the biological filter in new tank(s) Would not however go forward with stocking too heavily with the use of these filters, but...