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    Fantail annoying a garra rufa

    Well, now the fantail stopped doing this and he’s behaving more normally. I’ve raised the temperature from 20 to 22C but don’t know if he’s calmer for this reason
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    Fantail annoying a garra rufa

    Hi there, So this is quite funny to watch ‘cause the white 2yo fantail in question is kind of obsessed with the poor doctor fish, not in a aggressive nor territorial way but it’s like he’s trying to hump her (we think the garra is a female but no idea) . The fantail started behaving like this...
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    New tank - cichlids only plan including angels

    Hi there, Just ordered a new 100cmx40, classic 180L. In another tank I currently have 3 angels, a couple just formed and they’re chasing the third , which I’d leave in there (it’s a community tank with tetra platies and so on). I’ve been keeping and breeding for a long time different mbuna...
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    Plants in or not in "pots"

    Late reply, so just to give an update about the plants in pots situation since I posted the topic a couple of month ago and I’m happy about this choice. Even if Plants’ roots can’t spread in all the tank being confined, they can find deepness instead and when I put nutrients in each pot I saw...
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    Plants in pots, I’m loving it

    Hiya, After ages in the hobby dealing at some point (like when having to change tank location or setup) with tons of dirty gravel, I’ve tried to put cryptos in pots, just a thin layer of gravel (next times not even that) and Java moss on the bottom. Advantage is also No waste of nutrients...
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    Favourite rift lake cichlid and why?

    The “big nose” Labeotropheus trewavasae, one of my fav that I kept and breed, beautiful colours and variants, funny face shape and cute when newborn. Shame that the males tend to harass females and kill them if the tank’s not big enough. I’d recommend a minum of 100gals, 400liters
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    N. rachovii water parameters and compatibility

    I got a m+f yesterday, I love them! The male is beautiful, and when light is off those pattens of iridescent blue are even brighter ! I’m giving them dry blood worms and bugs bites, they seem to accept dry food. Should I get another female? Other tank mates are neon tetras.
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    Which are your fav Mbuna species?

    Hi Guy, Feeling a little nostalgic about my years keeping and breeding mbunas (then I moved to another country and I’m not setting up big tanks). I was thinking that among my favorite of all time are: Melanochromis auratus: it’s a super classic, and people look down at them because of the...
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    N. rachovii water parameters and compatibility

    Hi Killies lovers, So I’ve been in the hobby for a long time but never kept any killifish, and having seen the species in subject in my lfs I’d really like to give them a go in my recently set up 15gal as in pic with 3 Siamese algae eater in only for now . Unfortunately I live in an area of...
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    Can Bettas live with other fish?

    Me? Oh thank you! I don’t know, maybe When there’s a 15gal contest I can try, I’m setting up another tank same size. By the way, I remember when I was a teen in my first tank a betta had bitten off the tail of a fancy guppy.. stocking advised by the LFS . Better forums like these to share info...
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    Can Bettas live with other fish?

    Betta splendens even if are not a community tank fish, with the right choice of stocking do just fine.. and I believe that enjoy more space even if not active. In my experience in a well planted tank, not overstocked and no fin nippers (peaceful tetras are OK for example) they thrive. That’s my...
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    Dwarf cichlids in a 60L with lots of hiding spaces

    Thanks Guys, however I understand that I’d be a bit limited, I might get a bigger tank for cichlids and use this one for small schooling tetras
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    1 year ago, baby Cory was born

    Last year in a newly set up 70lt I introduced a 4 C. juli (?) and after some time I started noticing a very little catfish hiding under a log, he grew up (see pic). He was super cute! Unfortunately the cory family Lasted not even a year, while other fish like Betta, minnows (ok, they’re super...