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    TOTM Vote Now! - February Tank of the Month Contest (31 gal and larger)

    Ill have a go. Fluval Roma 200 Freshwater Planted Tank. 200 litres. February 2023 TOTM Entry Aquarium has been set up about 5 years. Cabinet was the first piece of furniture in our new house. Fish include 3 angelfish, 2 of which are paired up but terrible parents. Cardinal tetras, 10 to 15...
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    Fishless Cycle - confusion over water testing results so far ….

    Most nitrate test kits will show nitrate as a false positive if there is nitrite in the water. Dont even bother testing for nitrate until you are cycled and there is no nitrite because the test results will be confusing.
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    How to test fish tank for ammonia with Betta inside

    To cycle a tank you need to grow denitrifying bacteria to consume ammonia and nitrite that your tank produces. The bacteria needs an ammonia source to grow colonies sufficient in size to consume all the ammonia and resultant nitrite and turn it into nitrate which typically you remove through...