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  1. Gamegurl564

    Recommendations: Plant fertilizers

    Just my two cents worth but I use this stuff and my plants are doing fantastic. It's called Thrive and can only be ordered online. Great stuff
  2. Gamegurl564


    I am looking at the Hygger Advanced 24/7. Has real nice features and reasonable price:)
  3. Gamegurl564

    Deliriously happy fish

    They are very difficult to photo, I have a small video but wasn't able to attach. Here's a decent shot :)
  4. goodcolor.JPG


  5. Gamegurl564

    Deliriously happy fish

    Hey peoples, 1st off I wanted to apologize for being a big ol grumpus assius. I'm sure you all are super. :) so sorry 2nd and ya, I do love those 1 2 things :P My tank has cycled , happiness reigns Went to the LFS today and tested water, all very good so I picked up four more of my lil glow...
  6. Gamegurl564

    New tank, new adventure. Glowlight Danio help

    I was going to leave this forum silently but I can't. One I did not ask about cycling. Two, I didn't ask about planted tanks. Three No one who responded addressed my question at all. The last response is completely false. I had a tank for years! without any fresh plants at all, your claim is...
  7. Gamegurl564

    About ready to give up this hobby...

    Hey Joe, Am so sorry for your hassles. :( One thing I thought and I doubt it would have that severe an effect is I was told not to do filter and water change at the same time. Hope your tank improves.
  8. Gamegurl564

    New tank, new adventure. Glowlight Danio help

    I will be getting my water re-tested at my local fish store Friday before adding anyone else, I should have gotten the wide range test kit when I bought my PH test kit but as funds are light did not. I am using a Starter Bacteria additive which removes ammonia and nitrite. Am pretty sure the...
  9. Gamegurl564

    New tank, new adventure. Glowlight Danio help

    I did not cycle the tank, it's been running filtered for a couple months. I did just read the article about cycling but I am *breaking the tank in* with live fish, as I said Starter fish :). One reason why I posted here and am asking questions is that I don't want to blow it by adding more fish...
  10. Gamegurl564

    New tank, new adventure. Glowlight Danio help

    Howdy all, I recently set up a nice lil 29 gallon fresh water tank. I have my first *starter* fish to get the bio's going in my tank. They are 6 Glow light Danio's. They are super healthy but one has taken to hiding up behind the heater. I think it may be a female but am unsure, they have only...
  11. Gamegurl564

    New to Forum, returning to hobby

    Howdy gang, I have finally after years and years gotten myself a nice lil 29 gallon tank. I just set it up and have my first fishies in it. I was hoping to hook up with others on this forum as I go on and see what you all think and share happy fish experiences(or sad) but we like the latter...