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    Finally, the world goverments begin to admit the UFOs.

    Lol that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week! Literally!
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    Mollies Having to many babies

    This is very true indeed
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    Mollies Having to many babies

    Bettas will fight and kill all the fish so this would not be the right option. ( that’s my opinion)
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    Mollies Having to many babies

    That looks like a pretty nice set up . The tank looks healthy. Maybe add a small bubbler behind the ship. Most people think that algae in a fish tank is a bad thing, little do they know. Scientific Fact: Algae in a fish tank is really good. It actually breaks down organic matter ( as in...
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    Maybe a stupid question, do fish have to breed with their own specie? Lol

    I later found out differently when I went to a different pet store and they had females that had color there and look completely different than the females I was getting at the other pet store apparently they were selling mosquito fish females and saying they were Guppies in the store I was...
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    Maybe a stupid question, do fish have to breed with their own specie? Lol

    I actually thought that mosquito fish and Guppies were the same breed of fish I didn’t realize that they were separate breeds when I put them in my tank together that’s how I ended up getting the hybrid I didn’t know that they were two different kinds of fish I thought I was just buying Guppies...
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    Maybe a stupid question, do fish have to breed with their own specie? Lol

    I have Mosquito fish/guppy fish hybrid Mom was Mosquito and dad was a number of different fancy males I have only purchased male guppies and female mosquitoes and this is what I got
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