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  1. J

    Rasbora With Cyst Or Tumor?

    The fish doesn't seem to be in pain. It is swimming and eating normally and staying close to the other rasboras as it always has.
  2. J

    Rasbora With Cyst Or Tumor?

    Not sure what else to call it. My tank has been cycled and growing since August 2007, with only the loss of a few snails. Now, I noticed yesterday one of my 4 rasboras with this red growth in it's stomach. It seems to have a few white spots in the mass too. And today one of my mature angels...
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  6. J

    African Dwarf Frogs

    Thank you so much for the information. Please thank Mark also. That makes me feel better about how they are living. They now have some plants and seem to really like them. I hope to move them and their betta friend to a larger tank soon.
  7. J

    African Dwarf Frogs

    Wow Azaezl - that was incredible. It helped to confirm a lot of what I have discovered while caring for them and taught me so much more. Your information about how the male and female get together makes me wonder what mine were doing. I'd call it more of male on male or female on female for...
  8. J

    Oddball For A Betta Sorority

    Seems to me that your 10 gallon tank would be pretty well stock as it is. Might want to consider a large tank if you are considering adding fish.
  9. J

    African Water Frogs?

    I have had very good experience placing the African dwarf frogs with a single male betta. They have been together in a 2.5 gallon tank with filter and weekly water changes for about 6 months. :good: So far the only issue is that on a rare occassion when I am feeding the frogs their black...
  10. J

    Schools Of Angelfish

    My limited experience is that as Tolak said mixing colors will be fine. I have a koi and marble breeding pair that have spawned about 3 times so far. Good luck with them.
  11. J

    Where To Buy A Pair Of Angels

    Abosolutely love koi angels!!! Maybe this will help. Don't know where they ship. This is the site for a breeder in Pennsylvania that used to be close to me. They seem to have a good reputation and incredible stock, never had the oppurtunity to buy from them.
  12. J

    Finally I Got Good Angelfish!

    That is great news. I am definitely an angel lover. Not real experienced but just the same. In my limited experience, where you purchase your fish from makes all the difference in the world. I am lucky enough to have about 6 lfs within 30 minutes of where I live. After spending many trips...