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    Mystery snail eating from the top of the tank

    just wondering if anyone has ever seen their mystery snail stretch out and eat food from the top? My sister's snail was doing this earlier. It was almost like he was sucking the food in toward himself, somehow he even got some in under where he was hanging on the tank and ate it off himself. It...
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    Mystery snail not moving

    my mystery snail has just been sitting around, mainly closed up, for days. He does move around maybe an inch or two at most every couple days or so. Mostly he just stays closed up and opens up just enough to see a little of his body every little bit through the day. I'm not sure if this is...
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    Apparently I brought home a pregnant Molly

    Looks like they carry most of them but they carry them seasonally so I'll have to see if they have them when I get a chance to go. It's about a 30 minute drive and I'm hoping to get some more fish the next time I go. It might be a bit cause I've got a neon tetra quarantined at the moment...
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    Apparently I brought home a pregnant Molly

    Can you suggest any plants? I'm still relatively new to this and plants would be completely new to me. I had plastic ones on one of my first decorations and they got completely nasty.
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    Apparently I brought home a pregnant Molly

    If it helps anything here are a couple pictures of her. Sorry about the one that uploaded twice, not sure why that happened.
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    Apparently I brought home a pregnant Molly

    i was watching my fish earlier and saw a little thing darting around inside the barrels in my tank. I realized it was a Molly fry after I saw it again. There seems to just be one. Is it possible that my Molly hasn't had all of her babies yet or is it more likely that she ate the rest of them...
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    Cory behaving different

    Larry finally gave up. I did everything I could but he didn't make it. I still don't know what was wrong but I'm sure gonna miss him.
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    Neon tetra dull color

    It could be. I can't really tell. I'm gonna go with yes, though.
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    Neon tetra dull color

    It's raised and white. No pink or red that I can see. Like in this picture, just smaller.
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    Neon tetra dull color

    It's been a month at the absolute least and I'm sure it's been longer than that.
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    Neon tetra dull color

    He is still alive and has improved some. He still has a growth just above his mouth, though it is smaller. He still has some slightly discolored places on his red area and there is a little gold around his blue stripe. He is eating good and behaving normally, except hitting the growth on the...
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    Is jungle ick guard safe for mystery snails?

    i just noticed a few spots on a couple of my fish today and began treating for ick. I didn't think about it when I put the medicine in because my mystery snail was hiding. Does anyone know if jungle ick guard is safe for mystery snails...
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    Neon tetra dull color

    I'd prefer not to think about it but if the time comes, what would be the most humane way to put him out of his misery?
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    Neon tetra dull color

    That's good to know. Is there any chance of survival with this?
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    Neon tetra dull color

    The fish is still eating just like it normally does It's red area does have a bit of discoloration, it is kinda pale in some spots. His stripe is definitely still blue, though not quite as bright as it should be, just enough to be able to tell a difference. It did leave the other tetras...
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    Neon tetra dull color

    I had a neon tetra on its own for a while, the rest died and it took me a little while before I could go get more. I have more now and is kind of losing its color. I think it may have been a bit dull before and I just had nothing to compare it to. It did get picked at a little while it was by...
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