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    Is this fish tank good for the long run

    Hey all looking to buy new tank and had this in mind anyone else have this version before and how was it for you.
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    Is my female electric yellow holding eggs

    Hey guys still quite new to the hobby and always interested to learn more just wondering would anyone know if my female electric yellow is holding egg she doesnt eat but still come up when I come to the tank and how would you tell if there fertile there is 2 males in their with them cause I did...
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    Good battery powered air pumps

    Hi all just wondering what is a good battery powered air pump to buy for your fish just looking for one to use when transporting fish
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    What pvc pipe is safe for fish tank

    Hi quiet new to the hobby and just wondering what pvc pipe from Bunnings is safe to used in fish tank and won’t leach chemicals there just so many pvc pipes there 😂
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    What just killed all my fish?!

    White stuff would just be bad water quality makes them produce more of a slime coat I had it with one of my panchax I just added some fungus and finrot remedy and did water changes over the next couple days and slowly cleared up or if you had ich or white spot before you would have to scrub...
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    Please help!! cracked fish tank

    Yeah look like straches would definitely see a crack being 5mm glass thank u so much for everyone’s opinion
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    Please help!! cracked fish tank

    Ok thank you so much for the advise
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    Please help!! cracked fish tank

    Now that I’ve empty it around half way a lot of them look like scratches is it possible this is just a deep scratch
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    Please help!! cracked fish tank

    And there’s the other one
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    Please help!! cracked fish tank

    That’s one of the main cracks there
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    Please help!! cracked fish tank

    Hi I bought a second hand tank yesterday got home and finally got it set up and noticed it had acouple hairline cracks in it please tell me I don’t need to get another tank it’s where all the tape is
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    Sick golden panchax????

    That’s what he was looking like the other day put some fungus and fin rot remedy in there and done 25% water change can see it already clearing up
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