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    Shrimp population explosion

    No more shrimp for me :D
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    Shrimp population explosion

    I'm in Dorset and you're welcome to have some if i'm close enough for you.
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    Shrimp population explosion

    Sadly, my only other tank contains CPDs and minnows. I don't think they will dine on the shrimp
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    Shrimp population explosion

    Hi all I was gifted 5 blue shrimp about two months ago. I was very happy at the time. Now I have more like 500 blue shrimp of varying sizes and the rate at which they're multiplying is worrying. Everywhere I look there are little blue shrimp, from the top to the bottom of the tank - the pic is...
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    Honey Gourami

    I agree. My four get on great with each other and live happily with ember tetras. I only have females though. Initially I had a male but he was fierce with the other fish. His territorial instincts were too strong so he had to go back to the LFS.
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    New bolivian ram

    Lovely looking Ram. I have one Electric Blue (Pamela Ramela Tah-Dah). She's very sparkly and very greedy
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    nik_n - February 2021 Fish of the Month Winner

    Congratulations @nik_n A beautiful angelfish ?
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    What's your favourite fish?

    Awww, here they are. They always come and say hello when I get home. I got two of them in mid how-do-yo-do ?
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    What's your favourite fish?

    I love my honey gouramis with their little how-do-you-do feelers. They are all females so the days are spent greeting and eating
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    Pygmy cory with a broken fin

    It could be. I didn't notice anything yesterday but they were all subdued when they first came home, so there was nothing to notice. It's party time for the other four now so this little guy stands out. I hope he can recover. Having said that, the last thing I want is for him to suffer :(
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    Pygmy cory with a broken fin

    All I can say is it's the same length as the other one. It hasn't spread out like the other one when he swims to the surface.
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    Pygmy cory with a broken fin

    Hi all I purchased 5 pygmy cory's yesterday to fill out my gang to 10. They are currently in QT. One of them clearly has damage to the side of his little body (the pinkish bit) and his fin is not moving on that side. He spends most of the time at the bottom of the tank but does scramble up to...
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    So, who is going to teach my baby embers to school? :)

    My 8 embers only group closely together for about half an hour after a water change. Otherwise they hang out loosely all over the tank. They sleep in separate places too. The pygmy cory's are more of a gang than the embers :)
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    Stocking 15 Gallons Tank

    Nice choices. I also have a 15 gallon with 4 x honey gouramis (2 honey coloured and 2 that look chocolate brown in the water) and 8 ember tetras. The scape is blackwater with a chaos of plants. I love it! My only frown is the heater, which must be the ugliest heater ever made, One day, when i'm...
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    How can I be sure ember tetras are eating enough?

    Cheers nik, perfectly sneaky :). I realise I need to be more savvy!
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    How can I be sure ember tetras are eating enough?

    Thanks @Slaphppy7. I don't have problems with over feeding. There's no uneaten food. As I said, i'm very careful to not overfeed. I will try your feeding trick to fool the greedy gouramis.