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    55g puffer planted tank

    She's ambitious for sure! ha
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    55g puffer planted tank

    Thanks, its lace rock, great for caves. Thanks! Ha, thats the plan, i'm hoping they lay some eggs and get a bit established before they are all gone.
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    55g puffer planted tank

    Added in some more live plants and colony of rams horn snails, a few more plants to add them a background and wait for it to fill in. Anyone add ceramic or bio balls to their marineland bio wheel filters before? I’m going to give that a go to add more bacteria colonies, I mean what could it...
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    Lighting question.

    They were really getting popular over here in the US a few years back for t5 fixture's. I had a few driven by eballasts in an ATI fixture. Looks like they are rare to find now.
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    Thinking about Seaclear Acrylic 30G long (just the tank)

    I looked at the seapora tanks, they look like neat little tanks and have different dimensions which is pretty cool.
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    Thinking about Seaclear Acrylic 30G long (just the tank)

    I've had many glass and acrylic tanks over the last 20+ years. From normal glass to starfire, to rounded acrylic tank's, rimless acrylic. But if you do go with acrylic i would make sure the acrylic is thick enough to not bow to much. I've seen some over the years that bowed ALOT which scarred...
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    Lighting question.

    Got it, i was actually thinking about led tube's that you just put in your actual fixture that do not have a driver to plug in. I used these type's in t5 fixtures that worked well, very efficient.
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    largemouth bass

    Some pics would be cool, one thought is make sure you have a lid as i've had a friend keep bass many times and they jump often. Good luck!
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    Anyone running a sump for their Freshwater?

    I have ran sump's in marine tank's for the last 15yrs. They make more sense for marine but i do see them as being beneficial to fw as well. The advantages i see would be adding volume to your system, being able to breed food in(snails, shrimp if you have a predator tank of some sort), ability...
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    Lighting question.

    I have used the t5 led tube's in a florescent t5 fixture in marine tanks, but that is just to get the blue pop, not so much for intensity. If you get them you should be able to check out to see what the reflectors look like on the led's. Then you can see what kelvin they are as well, i would...
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    55g puffer planted tank

    Thanks, yes was for sure the right way to go! I'm looking at amazon and avacado puffers, maybe get 3-5 depending on which way i go. I prefer the avacado but still researching currently. I have read mixed about tankmates with both. Also have read the avacado's do prefer some current...
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    55g puffer planted tank

    Thanks, oh yea have quite a few on their way. Hoping to moss up the rock and add a lot of disguise to the equipment in back. Will also add a background. Slipped up on not painting the back black, was to excited to fill the glass box.
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    55g puffer planted tank

    Well here I am, my first build thread for freshwater, I’m excited! Many moons ago I went from tropical to oddballs, to cichlids...then full blown reef for 15yrs. I bred tropical, bichirs, Africans...but never have I had a live plant in freshwater. So now I’m going to go for a fw puffer tank...
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