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    How do i persuade my parents to let me get a 75gallon tank

    I'd ask your parents how to convince them. Start by asking what specific concerns they have. Then see if you can brainstorm win-win resolutions. Like, worried about drips on the carpet? Maybe you can get a roll of plastic floor cover at Home Depot. Worried about it breaking and destroying the...
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    Two rusties in an all male tank?

    He's good so far... definitely not timid, but doesn't bother anyone. Pretty fella!
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    I've tied mine to rocks :) I have one piece in my tank that's past two months now and still won't give up and sink!
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    Two rusties in an all male tank?

    Thanks for your response, Gary. I'm definitely aiming for "least aggressive." I didn't notice the lack of egg spots-- good catch. Do you have any experience with white labs? Mine is white, not yellow, and I read recently they are more aggressive than the yellows. Mine is certainly not timid but...
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    Do I need to separate these two guys

    How big is your pleco? 3-4 inches big or truly huge? (I'm hoping against hope it's a bristlenose)
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    Two rusties in an all male tank?

    Stocking my first cichlid tank. I feel like I've done a ton of research, but there's so much conflicting (or just plain bad) info. Hoping someone can answer from personal experience! I mail ordered my fish from a reputable breeder, and either as a gift or an error, they sent me two rusties...
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    Flametail mdoka and blue regal cobue compatible?

    Making my first attempt at a cichlid tank. Are Aulonacara stuartgranti flametail mdoka and blue regal cobue compatible in an all male tank? Do they look too similar or are they different enough? They're fine now, but they're still young and the flametail hasn't colored yet.
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    Once again... Found something totally awesome in the back yard.

    Um, is he wearing a BOWTIE?? That's fancier than a breakfast date... Must be brunch!
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    Do I need to separate these two guys

    Oof, I feel you on being attached and not wanting to re-home your pets. But... a pleco is going to need a much bigger tank than 55 gallons (unless it's a bristlenose). The red tailed shark needs to be in the 55, at least. And the diamond tetra needs friends; they stay in schools of 6 or more...
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    New Centerpiece fish for a 4 foot planted tank

    That's a gorgeous tank! How are your clown loaches? I'd love to have some, but everything I read about them says they need to be in large groups to be happy. If they're shy and hide rather than playing all over the tank, they're probably not living their best life. My first reaction was get...
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    So, my filter completely broke

    My hob needs me to smack the intake tube (I smack the bottom, aiming upward) to restart after I unplug it. It seems dead, but starts right up after a couple smacks. Checking the impeller is also a good idea.
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    Anybody recognize this worm from my filter?

    That's awesome! I'll have to see if I notice any when I'm walking in the stream. Kinda regret taking him out of the tank now (but only kinda!)
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    Favorite Pest snail? [POLL]

    Out of the options, I chose bladder snail, since one has apparently invited herself into my new tank. But really, I love my mystery snail, Austin, best.
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    Anybody recognize this worm from my filter?

    He was actually in the HOB on a filter pad, so maybe he fell in and couldn't get out? I'm not sure how he survived so long, unless he was partly above water? I hope he's not aqautic, because I released him in the garden a long way from the stream!
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    Anybody recognize this worm from my filter?

    Fascinating! I just moved houses a couple months ago, but I'm in the same city. In the old house, it was pretty common to see a centipede in the bathroom. Those looked very different than this guy-- greyish and much fatter. So my knee-jerk reaction was of course it's not a centipede! Quick...
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    Anybody recognize this worm from my filter?

    I set up a dirted tank about a week ago with soil from my (organic) yard and sand from the stream, plus some fallen branches. I soaked and rinsed the soil a few times and soaked the branches in saltwater for a couple days and stripped the bark. Still, plenty of opportunity for tiny critters to...
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