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    Black Goldfish Vs Orange Goldfish?! Need Help.

    While your 90L tank is a lot bigger than the bowl you originally had them in, it is still too small for goldfish for anything more than temporary housing as juveniles. Long bodied goldfish will grow to well over 12" and up to 24" and should be in a really BIG tank (100G+) because they are such...
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    Green Pond

    Hi Cathy, Since you have a nice detailed post, I'll go through and answer it paragraph by paragraph for simplicity. Your 1,000G pond is the bare minimum sized pond for koi and is only capable of handling three koi. They need 300G each as a minimum. If you think you are having ecology issues...
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    20gallon Long Goldfish Tank

    The 20/10 "rule" only works for the first year or two for round-bodied goldfish. For long term success and health, round-bodied goldfish need at least a 55G 4' long tank for 2 goldfish but if they are properly cared for, they will out-grow the 55G tank also. I would say the minimum would have...
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    Black Stuff On Goldfish....

    From what I can tell, the goldfish seems to be housed in a very small container. Common goldfish are supposed to grow to well over 12" and should reach up to 24". I can't tell if it's a comet or not... but if it is, it won't grow as large as a common but it will still grow to over 12". If not...
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    Trumpet Snails With Oscar Okay?

    You should probably be vacuuming your gravel once a day, or at least a couple of times a week, with that bioload in the tank. There are no freshwater fish or species that will eat fish poop. I hope all three fish are still young and small as a 55G is not nearly large enough for even one of...
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    Molted Shrimp has a DIY shrimp cave to give them added protection during molting.
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    Red Cherry Shrimp

    Actually, most pleco's are omnivores and some are carnivores too. They usually will only eat dead fish/shrimp but if they are not getting enough protein in their diet (they can't live on algae alone), they have been known to go after slow moving fish. Even the "Algae Thins" that I fed mine...
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    55 Gallon

    Weather/Dojo Loaches grow to 9-10" and a shoal of 3-4 would pretty much max out a 55G. If you wanted more activity, you could go with some Zebra Danio's or WCMM's for smaller schooling fish in the mid to upper level of the tank. Adding a goldfish to the four loaches would overstock the tank.
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    New Pond Questions

    Can you make it a little longer... maybe more rectangular? 10' is kind of short for a koi pond. 6' x 12' x 4' deep (with an average depth of 30") would make the ponds volume around 1,300 gallons. If you could go 6' x 18' long, that would be much better since Koi should get very large...
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    I Gots Me An 80g

    You could probably have many more minnows (WCMM's, Zebra Danios, etc.). A big school of each would probably do well and if you have enough floating plants, they'll likely breed and you'll have a never ending supply of small fish for your pond. Remember to bring them in each winter. A single...
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    Apple Snail Diets

    Here's a list of calcium rich foods and further down, there is a chart of phosphorous content in each food so you can feed them high calcium, low phosphorous foods to help avoid algae issues.
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    Koi Color Question

    It could change color and patterns many times in its lifetime.
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    Something To Keep The Algae Down...

    How big are your goldfish? Normally, goldfish will eat anything they can fit in their mouth.... sometimes they'll spit it out if they don't find it tasty or can chew it with their single tooth... like my MTS snails... but I'm sure it's stressful for a small snail or shrimp to get "mouthed" and...
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    Planning On A Pond... A Big One :)

    If you have access to 6"x6", 8' long railroad ties type wood, you could use that as the frame. It would handle the outdoor weather better than 2"x4"s and plywood and use galvanized metal straps on the corners to hold the corners together... remember all that water pressure above ground is a lot...
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    I Gots Me An 80g

    If you are not near a power source, then the pump might be more difficult although there are solar powered fountains but they can be expensive due to the batteries used to store the power for nighttime running of the pump. Without a pump to provide circulation and aeration, you will not be able...
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    Thinking Of A Small Pond?

    What kind of design did you decide on? What are your temperature extremes for summer and winter? Here is my DIY blog on ponds with lots of links and a couple of FREE "How-To" books on pond building with pictures.
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    Sudden Algae Problem

    When you did a "good clean" and then went away for 10 days... exactly what did you do as part of the "good clean" and what was the feeding, lighting, etc., schedule for the 10 days? I know that the "good clean" and/or the 10 days away were the likely cause but I need to know more about both of...
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    Black Moor Help!

    Your black moor is a much slower swimmer compared to the other fish so it cannot compete for food. This is one of the reasons we recommend keeping "extra" fancy goldfish in species only tanks and even fancy goldfish should not be kept with long-bodied goldfish which are much faster swimmers...
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    Nocturnal Snail?

    Most snails are more nocturnal although mine were reasonably active during the day also but I only had 1 wpg of lighting. How much lighting do you have?
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    What's Coming Out Of My Snail?

    Yep... looks like your snail is eating good. What goes in must come out... or at least part of it!