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    Camallanus worms!

    I have some guppies who have camallanus worms they have been treated with blue planet fluke and tapeworm tablets 24 hours ago but my partner misread the label and did an 25% water change after 24 instead of 48 hours what should I do should I redose them or leave them?
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    What fish I keep

    All local aquariums and pet stores are sold out and can’t get more because of covid
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    What fish I keep

    I know I need to get more I just can’t get any locally atm
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    What fish I keep

    The beta fish are all females and all tanks have been running for several months now with the only casualty being a khuli loach in the 60L who jumped out
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    What fish I keep

    I test weekly and change 25% water twice a week
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    What fish I keep

    Hi all I’m new just wanted to let everyone know what I keep I have 6X 20L tanks and a 60L tank inside the first 20L is 20+ Mosquitofish (Gambusia Affinis)(What I started with when trying to keep fish) as well as three corydoras x1 peppered Cory and x2 bronze corydoras (constantly spawning) in...
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    Cory eggs what to do?

    Hello I’m new here I have been keeping fish for a while and recently I got two new bronze corydoras and what is my luck that the actually spawned the first time unfortunately all eggs were ruined by other tank mates but they spawned again today and I managed to save 8 eggs I have removed them...