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  1. Parasaurolophus

    What Species Are They?

    Just guessing, but from your description I'm guessing emerald eye rasbora maybe?
  2. Parasaurolophus

    Cherry Barbs With Micro Rasbora?

    Hey, I've taken alot of fish back too the shop today and now I just have 6 kuhlis, and 5 cherry barbs it's a 60 litre, heavily planted, lots of rocks and wood,would I be able too have a shoal of micro rasboras with my cherries?
  3. Parasaurolophus

    Why Do Platys Eat Their Young?

    It might be because in the wild they would just give birth and never see their babies again because it is such an open expanse of water with huge plants and rocks for the babies too hide in and the parents would probably swim somewhere new, but in tanks it's all very concentrated so the babies...
  4. Parasaurolophus

    Re-Stock Idea's

    Oh, and I meant small fish, I prefer smaller fish too bigger ones I meant like how some male danios will form small territories to attract females and then they'll do a dance to chase eachother away ect.. xD, not for example two male rams or something in a 60 litre. And I wasn't certain of how...
  5. Parasaurolophus

    Re-Stock Idea's

    So I'm going to take some of my fish back to the shop as I've got abit bored...but I'm not sure where to look for idea's for a new stock I'd like fish that are interesting and active with personality the tank is 60 litres and heavily planted, lots of rocks and wood, sand substrate. The fish I am...
  6. Parasaurolophus

    Do Fry Need A Filter?

    Hey, I just put my 1 week old fry in a 2.5 gallon tank I have a heater and a filter but the filter is too strong and the platy babies are struggling to swim against it, would it be dangerous to not have the filter on until they are a little larger and are more capable of swimming against the...
  7. Parasaurolophus

    Inseperable Platies.....

    I have 5 platies 3 males and 2 females, I did ask the store for all females but they didn't listen so anyway I have a white mickey mouse male a orangey male with green specks a red wag female and two orange wags with brown patches male and female. The two orange wags are obsessed with eachother...
  8. Parasaurolophus

    Leaving Tank Light On All Week..

    M'kay and I suppose natural light would come in through the window, I'm aloud to go home Thursday to check the fish so I can turn it off then but it's already been on for about 4 days? he can't take me home until Thursday though because his girlfriend needs the car for work..
  9. Parasaurolophus

    Why Arn't Molly/guppy Hybrids Common?

    Just wondering why they aren't common as most other livebearer hybrids are.. I think they look really nice?
  10. Parasaurolophus

    Leaving Tank Light On All Week..

    So I have to go round my dads for a week and my mum is on holiday so no one can look after the fish (fortunately my uncle feeds them and my bearded dragon daily) but the light has to be left on for the whole week? this won't have any negative affects on my fish will it? D; I'm really worried..
  11. Parasaurolophus

    How Long Will A Fish Give Birth Once You See It's Egg Tube?

    Ok thank you, she's in the breeder now and there's some long clear/white thing coming out her egg tube does that mean she's about to give birth or is it something bad? I have had other live bearers before (atm I have endlers,platies and swordtails) and awhile ago I raised molly fry but I've...
  12. Parasaurolophus

    How Long Will A Fish Give Birth Once You See It's Egg Tube?

    My female sword is pregnant but how long will it take her to give birth after I see her egg tube just so I know when I have to put her in the breeding trap..
  13. Parasaurolophus

    What Are These Guys?

    They look exactly like my trio of corydoras delphax, so I'm guessing that's what yours are too?
  14. Parasaurolophus

    Which One Is Hardier Cardinal Tetras Or Neon Tetras?

    There's alot of conflicting opinions over the internet so looking for opinions on it? I've had neons before and they were great but I'm not sure whether to get neons again or maybe try Cardinals?
  15. Parasaurolophus

    Weird Thing I Noticed With My Glowlight Danios..

    Well I noticed today that there's only yellow bars on the tails of some of my glowlight danios but not all of them? I have several adults by the way. Does it mean anything? or is it just genetic variation?
  16. Parasaurolophus

    Sold Huge Cory Cats? Plus Stocking Two Species In A Smaller Tank

    They had giant emerald cories in my local maidenhead you could possibly have a pair of those they look similar to bronze cory? they were selling them for £200 per trio though so if you did get a pair your extremely lucky..
  17. Parasaurolophus

    Show Me Your Betta Tanks!

    I have 2 females in their with a bunch of other fish :)
  18. Parasaurolophus

    Where Do You Buy Your Betta's?

    Hertfordshire/ London area. :) Thanks Matt sorry but oxfords a little to far? xD
  19. Parasaurolophus

    Where Do You Buy Your Betta's?

    I got my pair of females from a local garden centre called notcutts but I was wondering where everyone else got theirs as every other shop I go into either doesn't have them or they aren't very colourful, browns and stripey ones mostly (female wise).
  20. Parasaurolophus

    Sabre The Bearded Dragon. My bearded dragon sabre, he was named sabre because he has stripes all down his body which makes him look like a...