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    What Eats Dead Fish?

    Hunted high and low - nought in filters etc, nor under plants... even had a good root around when pruning plants and doing 20% water change..nothing - not even bones I'm going to blame the snails Cheers : )
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    What Eats Dead Fish?

    Have 11 fish (5 neons + 6 Otos) in a c.2 month old 180lt tank with CO2 + plants etc, all stable and going well - basically no real probs at all Then one Oto dies, then another - but I cannot find the bodies anywhere. I am just wondering if the snails (another story entirely) and other fish...
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    Snail Species

    Cheers for this post - really helpful At least I now know what snails my plants were kindly supplied with!! Now to decide what to do....Less food first I think, then maybe a bit of snail hunting to reduce the population a bit. Cheers A