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    What fish is this?

    Thanks for the advice, looking at the variants of that type of fish, I think its actually the Apistogramma Macmasteri. wouldn't have found or remembered it without your suggestion lol. In terms of your advice Byron, the fish keeper was asked if it would be suitable in the tank I had with the...
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    What fish is this?

    Can anyone tell me what fish this is? Bought it today, and the guy said it's name. Completely went out my head and have googled and googled. Can't find anything that it looks like. Thanks in advance. The only thing I know is that it's not a chiclid - well, not an aggressive one anyway as...
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    All my fish dying - at a complete loss

    Sorry guys! I'm starting to think I have made the biggest rookie mistake possible for fish keeping. I think I've just been allowing my tropical fish to live in heated safe tap water that's going through a filter. All I thought I had to add according to 'pets at home' was api make tap water...
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    All my fish dying - at a complete loss

    Thanks for the comment . The numbers really aren't fluctuating at all though which is why I find it really odd. When I say nitrates, I would honestly say they look like zero but have the faintest bit of pink to them where at a push it looks as if there is a little present. I can never quite tell...
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    All my fish dying - at a complete loss

    The tests I use are; Api Test strips ammonia nh3/nh4 and api test strips 5in1 ph no2 no3 kh and gh
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    All my fish dying - at a complete loss

    I did the tap water on its own at the shop and they said it was OK. They did say that the week prior there had been a slight ph spike but that it was fixed now.
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    All my fish dying - at a complete loss

    I think so ?. I didn't have anything in the tank for about the first 10 days. Where the first fish to be added were the neon rainbow guys. They have only just recently started dying within the last few weeks and have seemed to last the longest - pathetic of me to say that given that its only...
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    All my fish dying - at a complete loss

    Problem: I have had my tank up and running since the end of December 2020 (approx 3/4months). I am at a complete loss as my fish are slowly but continually dying. A point to note is that it is not the same kind of fish but multiple fish species that are dying where they appear to look fine last...
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    Red spots on guppy

    Just got a quick question to see if anyone has experience of this problem I'm facing. My female guppy started to have red blotches appear on her sides (pict attached). After looking at the other forum posts and answers, it kept pointing to either an ammonia or nitrate problem. This can't be...
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    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    The fish I probably regret most is my tiger barbs. They are lovely to look at and watch but they are such a nuisance to the other fish. If anything ever went wrong in the tank... they tended to be behind it. As a result, i bought a separate smaller tank just for them that has been nicknamed...