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    My Molly is looking strange

    I have a wild Sailfin female Molly and she's been my best fish for a long time but unfortunately she's been having problems lately. She gave birth to 14 really big fry and ever-since she's been strange. She is getting a large red thing on her dorsal fin. It looks like a blister or something...
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    Does anyone keep wild varieties of livebearers?

    I have a 10-Gallon tank with 5 Mosquito fish I caught near my house and they are great! I introduced 3 female feeder Guppies and they were getting along for a while but some of the Mosquito females tend to nip them. I also added 2 fancy female guppies and the Mosquito's actually killed one of...
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    Really Confused!

    I have a 29 Gallon tank with a 3 inch Tinfoil Barb, 6 inch Kissing Gourami, full-grown Male Opaline Gourami, Pleco, Rainbow, 2 Mollys, Mosquito, and another small kissing Gourami. The problem im having is that some of my fish are turning up dead. I found my MOLLY inside my swordplant and she was...
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    Cichlid community

    I have a 7-inch Tiger Oscar and a 4-inch Red Oscar (Rajah). They both really get along but the tank seems a bit gloomy sometimes. What other fish could I add that wouldnt hurt my Oscars or get eaten?
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    Sexing Gold Gourami

    Gourami males have a pointed arrow-like dorsal fin while females have rounded dorsal fins. I hope this answers your question.
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    Can a Moonlight Gourami be crossed with an Opaline

    I currently have a full-grown beautiful Opaline Gourami male. I've had him since he was a wee bitty baby. I am extremely proud of how well-tempered and beautiful he is. I was thinking about finding him a mate but I really would like a different Gourami. I was at the LFS and I saw this beautiful...
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    Can Platy's breed with Mollies and Guppy's?

    Since Mollies can cross with Guppy's, what whould stop them from crossing with Swordtails and Platy's? Can Guppy's cross with Swordtails and Platy's?
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    Murdering Goldfish!

    I have a 10 gallon tank with 4 midsize Goldfish and I recently added 2 Rosy Reds and 1 Fathead minnow. They were doing fine until the next day when I woke up and saw my Golds hovering over something and nibbling. They were eating my Fathead Minnow! I feed my Goldfish 3 times a day so it's not...
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    Can Mosquito Fish crossbreed with Guppies?

    I have a red Guppy male with three wild Mosquito females and im curious to know if it is possible for them to breed. I also wanted to know if Mollies really can breed with Guppies. A response would be great! :blink: [COLOR=blue][FONT=Arial]