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    All my fish dying - at a complete loss

    Hello what type of filter do you have? I have an external filter and change my filter media once a month. One month I change the carbon another month ammonia removal media. Also if you wash out any filter media including your foam inserts you must use the tank water you take out. Never use tap...
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    Two dead Bettas...

    Hello the worst thing you can do is take everything out and using hot water will destroy any minute bacteria that's started. I am not a professional but have had fish for 30 years. In all the years when setting up a new tank I have used seachem stability which has all the benif Hello I hope...
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    Someone diagnose my angelfish!!

    Hi From the photos it looks like your angelfish is stressed, this will make it susceptible to a wide range of diseases, fungus being the main cause if the fish has lost scales and has wounds. You could try a teaspoon of aquarium salt to 5 litres of water, it should help if not try using...
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