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  1. Archerfish

    How to get rid of duckweed or stop it getting pushed under water by filter flow

    Since you don't have any fish that eats the stuff and are in a hurry you might try what I did. It works if you are meticulous: Wait until it is time for a water change. Turn off your filter. Remove as much as you can with a fine mesh net. Lower the water level about 2-inches. Wipe off the...
  2. Archerfish

    Are marineland heaters decent?

    I agree with @Back in the fold, Marineland heaters are fine. I use them as well as other brands. In my experience, Marineland really stands by their warrantee if needed. Most importantly, size the heater to your tank's desired temperature vs the coldest ambient room temperature.
  3. Archerfish

    Firebelly toads and current?

    One of our children had a 55-gallon pauldarium with the Tetra Reptofilter that @Ed Pursell mentioned on one end and also an air-driven sponge filter in the water. Those little guys loved it. They breed like crazy. He heated the water with a caged heater (to prevent burns) and had all sorts of...
  4. Archerfish

    Tank upgrade without cycling

    Compare your transition on the 'floor space' of your new tank vs the volume of water.
  5. Archerfish

    Water softener

    That is an interesting question. I use a Culligan water softener but since I no longer breed, have never tested before and after. Hum, guess one of these days I should.
  6. Archerfish

    Infra red thermometer

    I had the same problem with the batteries and trashed the thing. What brand do you have? I need one.
  7. Archerfish

    Best Walmart Brands for Aquarium lights?

    Are you doing a fishless cycle or do you have fish in the tank? Save your money if you are talking about these lights. They are great for effects but not growing plants. Please...
  8. Archerfish

    Tetra Weekend feeding block

    Gilpi, you are correct, the fear fish will starve if not fed for a couple of days is nonsense. In nature, the food fairy doesn't come twice daily yet, most fish food labels say to feed twice daily. Whatever. You are best off having a trusted friend or fellow aquarist feed the fish if you are...
  9. Archerfish

    Used 10ga tank, no nitrates?

    Is it a heavily planted tank?
  10. Archerfish

    Would you try this water?

    Mine says don't drink or use the water drained from the dehumidifier. It probably says that to cover them in case someone drinks the water and dies. I drain my water into the garden.
  11. Archerfish

    Keeping male and female betta/fighting fish together ? Seen at a pet shop ?

    While touring the fish room of a betta expert, I was astonished to see a tank full of young male bettas. They were all siblings. He said there was some 'nipping' but there were so many of them who grew up together that they were probably just overwhelmed. It was quite a site to see. I...
  12. Archerfish

    How much flow in a river tank?

    Wow, you young guys sure can do amazing drawings! I still use stick figures! Okay, given what I see, you will create a river flow of trout stream velocity. As GaryE said, you will have turbulence on the left side of the tank. Your fish will be pinned against the side. In my opinion you will...
  13. Archerfish

    Need quick disconnect valve for Magnum 350

    Neverquit, here is a 'killer deal' if you can get it:,39,338854,MARINELAND-MAGNUM-350-FILTER---NEW-AND-USED-PARTS----75--Oak-Lawn-.htm
  14. Archerfish

    How much flow in a river tank?

    Could you post a drawing of your idea? Turn-over rate vs flow rate are two different things. In turn-over rate, all of the water passes through the system in X amount of time. But in reality, some water will immediately return to the system while some other water will remain in eddys etc...
  15. Archerfish

    New Stuff...

    Yep, welcome!
  16. Archerfish

    Need quick disconnect valve for Magnum 350

    If you want to keep it going you might have to buy a used one to part out. They are good filters. I used mine with the biowheel option in a paludarium for many years. I finally retired it when gaskets etc. became too hard to obtain. Here is one option...
  17. Archerfish

    Hello from East Texas

    Welcome jackhorne01! Thank you for your service to our Great Nation! And thanks for your continued service to our population as a Para! Here is my take: The 'food fairy' does not show up twice daily in nature. Given the small size of your tank, I would carefully feed your fish and test your...
  18. Archerfish

    Betta with BF tetras in a 29g?

    Welcome to the forum Jade M! I wouldn't do it. You have the 'makings' of a spectacular Black Phantom Tetra species tank. Having said that, I will also say that I have never mixed BPT's with a Betta, so I am only rendering an opinion.