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  1. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    What is this?

    I'm sure I know the answer and this will soon be a dead thread. But here we go. Is this Algae? Hot water and consistent rubbing best ways to remove this? Can I use a clean painter's putty knife to remove it? please see attached picture. Bonus points for the name of what this is called...
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  5. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    Loud Filtration

    tried that XD
  6. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    Loud Filtration

    I have a hang on back filter here's a picture Note: there is a lid that when on top it vibrates making noise.
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  8. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    Sand For fish friends

    Sand! Soooo I want to be cheap. Sand is kinda pricy when I can get it for free. I know the best place to get free sand is sand by a nice lake. Let's say that's not an option is there anything bad about taking sand from say a sandpit for my fishes??
  9. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    Loud Filtration

    I need some advice. My 55 gal tank is cycling and being prepared for new fish. I just bought the tank a few days ago. It came with a filtration system. it is quiet at first but hours later it makes the lid vibrate and is loud and annoying. What's the reason for this. I need thoughts and advice...
  10. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    New API Test kit

    Wow, thank you both Never knew any of that! All my Tank has in it is store-bought aqua rocks. and water. No plants. normally I have artificial plants but I took them out for the time being. I'm willing to bet anything it's the C02 for harshness difference. Keep You posted when I check nitrate...
  11. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    New 55 Gal Fish Tank Cycle

    This is why I buy water. The water I buy is soft water and my tap is hard water. This lets me have more types of fish. :) So yes fallowing better to change your water type than trying to change or use my hard water on soft water fish. I guess most people don't do this LOL
  12. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    New 55 Gal Fish Tank Cycle

    Good point. In the case of ocean water, I meant saltwater fish.
  13. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    How to Reduce Aggression in Tank

    Too small of the fish tank is your biggest problem.
  14. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    New API Test kit

    Update I tested my tap water what gave me more questions than answers The readings are as follows PH 7.6 High range PH 7.4 <---why???? ( my fish tank reading is 8.2) Ammonia 0.25 Nitrate N02 0 ppm Nitrate N03 0 ppm Since I added the water conditioner to the fish tank I have not tested my...
  15. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    First Tank Help needed please

    In regards to my post @Essjay is more on point I have been corrected in a post I made. 50 percent weekly is correct :p
  16. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    New 55 Gal Fish Tank Cycle

    Thank you @Essjay and @Byron I'm still pretty new and I appreciate the correction. One last question though. How is it possible to get the water quality for fish like pictus? I don't think anywhere has tap water that is on point with fish like this. If you get from the ocean IDK how legal that...
  17. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    Not sure if emergency but my guppy has a reaaaaally long string of poop hanging from him

    should be fine mine had long strings of poop before. always falls to the bottom of the tank and is not super common.
  18. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    New API Test kit

    Ty @Byron I don't have live plants just the information above. I tested and it's a well-known fact our water has chlorine IDK if that's the same thing as chloramine. I have not tested the tap water for ammonia (and nitrite and nitrate). Ill do that though. the test kit i use is called API Fresh...
  19. Freshwater Sucker Fish

    New API Test kit

    It's a 30 gal tank I bought a 55 gal so it had to be moved. so it had a 75 percent water change. It holds gosh like 50 -100 guppies I just used a tap water conditioner to the water after the test. Thanks for that advice :) This tank has been running for at least 1 year. Never had very many fish...