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  1. lrhodes

    Cold Water Pleco/snails - Help!

    Rubber lip plecos are colder water pleco species.
  2. lrhodes

    29 Gallon Native Tank

    I don't think there's an issue with taking fish. Just releasing them. I don't guess I've ever saw a rainbow darter in person... but they are so beautiful!
  3. lrhodes

    29 Gallon Native Tank

    I live in NE Mississippi. Close to the TN river. If I spent more time on the lake, I would catch them myself. But I'm trying to find someone who fishes often to catch me some. I was thinking about adding some rainbow darters. But I don't know if anyone could find them in this area or not.
  4. lrhodes

    29 Gallon Native Tank

    So... I have decided to turn my empty 29 gallon into a native tank! I'm pretty excited! Stocking will include orange spotted sunfish. The maximum record size was 5.9". And that is very rare. I have read that they are peaceful enough to live with goldfish and koi. So how many do you think I...
  5. lrhodes

    Dad's Pond

    There are mostly bream and catfish. I'm trying to convince him to let me restock it with albino cats! Lol. But he hasn't gave me a real response yet. Lol. There is a really really really old mud turtle (snapping turtle) that lives in there. I caught him one time. Talk about a huge turtle! I...
  6. lrhodes

    Dad's Pond

    I made a post not too long ago about my dad's pond. Well I was over the other day and took a few pics! Just thought I'd share. Sadly, the cold weather we had a while back (I assume was the cause) killed a good bit of fish! There was at least 20 dead ones. :( This is where I caught my first...
  7. lrhodes

    Terracotta Caves...your Thoughts

    That's how I ended up with Gator! My common. Lol. You could do a bristle nose pleco. But just keep a watch out for him. Africans tend to be mean to them too! Don't want him losing an eye!
  8. lrhodes

    Pictures: Fundulopanchax Gardneri Aquarium Strain

    Are these a type of killifish? Very neat. They are such pretty fish.
  9. lrhodes

    Terracotta Caves...your Thoughts

    I'm glad you said you will be upgrading to a 55, because I was about to say I just had to rehome my Africans that were in my 29 gallon due to aggression issues and not enough space! But I like the caves! I use the pots, but I didn't do anything fancy. Lol.
  10. lrhodes

    My 29 Gallon This is my 29 gallon... that is currently empty.. its not fancy.... but... any suggestions on what would look good in there.
  11. lrhodes

    Other Hobbies?

    I hunt for arrowheads. Like to fish. I draw every now and then. Love love love baseball! GO CARDS!!!
  12. lrhodes

    Stocking Again!

    I had Africans. Kenyi, red zebra, and auratus. It worked great for about 6 months. And then one or two got a big attitude! And I had to re-home them to someone with a bigger tank and more cichlids! The tank has no fish in it right now. But has water and decorations and pea gravel. I will upload...
  13. lrhodes

    Stocking Again!

    Since I re-homed my cichlids.... I now have a 29 gallon tank running with nothing in it! What to do! What to do! I am a terrible decision maker. Any suggestions. Don't want guppies or platys or mollies. And I'm not a big fan of the generic community tank.
  14. lrhodes

    Long Day

    Sounds like you're having my kind of bad luck! :(
  15. lrhodes

    Fish Id L204?

    Emperor pleco L204 would be my guess.
  16. lrhodes


    Has anyone hatched these? Or kept them? Its really hard to find info on these guys! What are their requirements? What kind of environment do they live in? Any info would be great! What are the bigger species?
  17. lrhodes

    Too Risky?

    Well I went ahead and took all of them! The guy seemed very nice! I met him a little less than half way... so I don't know how the rest of the trip went. They were all alive when I handed them over. I'm hoping he will send me a message tomorrow and say "the fish are doing great in their new...
  18. lrhodes

    Too Risky?

    I have a very stressed (VERY) kenyi... I am suppose to be meeting a guy in like 2 hours to re-home all of my African cichlids. The last few days have been terrible! I have 2 kenyi 2 red zebras and 1 auratus in a 29 gallon tank. (I know I know! Don't start lecturing me! I know!!!) Well my smaller...
  19. lrhodes

    What Did You Get-Or Give For Valentine's?

    I got nothing. Gave my husband a card. Gave my son a book, a teddy bear, tictacs, and gum. Lol.
  20. lrhodes

    Natural Pond

    It just doesn't look as good as it use to. And the water in it is just.... really dirty. I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it being a "pond" and all.... but it just use to look cleaner and "more alive". I wish I had pictures of how it use to look so you could see what I mean exactly.