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    Breeding behaviors in female-only tank

    confirmed male. we have wigglers.this is what i thought was his egg-dropper. not sure what you would call it, gonopodium? also, would anyone be able to confirm/deny that his sister is female? she has an orange belly, but much less than the other two older ones. wondering if she could be male...
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    Breeding behaviors in female-only tank

    I completely agree :) I’ll just have to wait and see how big they eventually get. More pics of of the two fish in the cave. Looks like they did lay about 30 eggs. The older one leaves the cave often and the small one takes her place and fans. Didn’t happen when the large female had her other...
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    Breeding behaviors in female-only tank

    Here is another thread where I asked that: But, size-wise they are abou right for HRPs, and the size of the broods were about 40-70 babies each time, within range for red points but would be low for convicts. Each brood...
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    Breeding behaviors in female-only tank

    Hi! Thanks for your response! I am certain of the sex of the larger one. She has a very orange belly most of the time. And has had babies. She is about 2.5 inches, unsure of age but she hasn't grown in the 4 months I've had her. This is Zinnia, 2.5 inches and done growing: And the smaller one...
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    Breeding behaviors in female-only tank

    Hello world! I've been watching my Honduran Red Points fish do some stuff recently that I thought some of you might find interesting, so here goes -- My largest female, Zinnia, and my largest male, Rhaegar, successfully spawned about three months back. As soon as fry were free swimming, dad...
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    Salt Uses In Freshwater Aquariums

    Ah okay. My question above is beyond the scope ;)
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    Salt Uses In Freshwater Aquariums

    What type of salt should be used for a brackish tank? Aquarium salt, or reef salt? And, should the base water be RODI as in a reef tank, or is tap best?
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    Salt Uses In Freshwater Aquariums

    Thank you very much for this info!
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    Fish cut in half but seems fine??

    When my danio died, I believe he had had dropsy. No other fish were affected. His whole belly was swollen and he had some red marks near the head and gills, I'll see if I took a pic. Since swelling is part of that, would epsom salt have been good to use then? To relieve some pressure? And yes...
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    Fish cut in half but seems fine??

    Thank you both for your help!