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    Fish and 2 Musk Turtles

    Selling my Juwel Rio 400 in Belfast £150 Also selling the fish Large Bala Shark, 2 Torpedo barbs, angelfish, 5 platties, yellow CAE, Blue Rainbowfish - £20 for the lot. Also selling 2 Musk Turtles 1 Razorback (4.5 Inches) and one stinkpot (3 inches) £20 each
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    Tetra Aquaart 60 Litre Fish Tank Front Lid Flap Only

    Tetra AquaArt 60 Litre Fish Tank Front lid flap only Wanted: Item Wanted :Front flap for Tetra AquaArt 60 Litre Fish Tank. Condition Required : Decent condition. Price Limit : Will consider any price. Picture or Link to Item : google Tetra AquaArt 60 Litre Tropical Fish Tank Location ...
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    Tonnes Of Plants For Sale

    Hi I would like the Christmas moss on bogwood if you still have it available? How much do you want for it? Thanks
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    My Pair Of Gold Rams

    I have 8 gold rams and 2 blue rams in my Juwel Rio 400 - No problems at all, there is room enough - they are territorial but there is enough room for them all to be happy. I have found that rams aren't half as difficult as some people imagine - I had my blue rams in a rio 180 when a newbie and...
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    Mekong Sole

    Glad to see that my Brachirus harmandi is rather uncommon in lfs, I read your guidance on feeding and behaviour, mine certainly is quite active however during the day, and for feeding I think he would get nothing if I just threw in a load of blood worm because I have a 400L tank of rainbows and...
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    Mekong Sole

    Thanks for the reply and link - having had a good look at the varieties, I am pretty sure that I have Brachirus harmandi - It has the mottled underside, fortunately seems to be a true freshwater species. It's thriving at the minute but I have only had it for a few weeks... Thanks again David
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    Mekong Sole

    Hi I recently bought a flatfish from my LFS, they called it a mekong sole, I can't find a scientific name or any info on it online? Was wondering if anyone has one or knows some info on it. Very cute fish btw, it sits on my hand and eats. I will try and upload a pic later if I get the chance...
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    Easier Water Change With External Filter?

    I just use a large plastic bin to take all the water out at once from the filter exit, then just put it back in the tank when done no need to turn the filter taps at all Then instead of pouring buckets of water into the tank and causing a lot of disturbance, I just attach a pipe to my aquaclear...
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    Red Cherry Shrimp

    Would like to be added to the list for buying 20. Thanks..
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    Free 2 Dwarf Chain Loach

    Great - will you post?
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    Juwel Rio 400

    Hi Still quite a newbie, but have been running a Juwel 180 for about 5 months successfully... I have seen a rio 400 for £250 with 2 eheim classic 2215 filters and cabinet less than a year old... Would this be my best chance of a value 5 foot tank? What I really want to know is could I get a...
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    Strange Ph Problem

    Thanks for the advice I'm looking forward to sorting this out. Is baking soda an option or is that only a temporary fix? Thanks again David
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    Strange Ph Problem

    Thanks for the reply. I don't have a KH test, but now I soon will, glad to have a sensible idea of why it was happening. Any idea where to get crushed coral? (newbie or what!) Thanks David
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    Strange Ph Problem

    Hi I have had my tank a good few months now (Rio 180), I bought it second hand and it was cycled and stocked already. Everything is fine except for my PH levels... It is sitting at PH 6 at the most, my test doesn't go any lower than that. I would like it to be about 6.8. My tapwater is PH...
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    Clown Loach And Weather Loach In The Same Tank

    I've got 2 clowns in with a weather loach and no trouble at all, the worst thing that has happened is the weather loach squeezing into the clowns hiding hole the poor clowns had to vacate or sit in discomfort, weather loaches never bother any fish at all, very friendly and entertaining.
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    Yellow Lab Looks Ill With Red Rash On Body

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me Wilder, but he died shortly after I posted... All my other fish seem in great shape though. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 200ppm
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    What's The Best Synodontis Food?

    Mine gobbles down whole earthworms like spaghetti!
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    Yellow Lab Looks Ill With Red Rash On Body

    Hi I recently got a batch of fish free with a fish tank, a couple of days ago. All but one fish worried me. A yellow lab that seemed to be acting a bit poorly. It's a bit thin and it's skin didn't look in the best condition. Yesterday I noticed a bit of a red rash on it's body. Today the rash...
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    Replace Entire Population Of Tank?

    Thanks for the reply - so try and match the inches up and hopefully it will be a similar load?
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    Replace Entire Population Of Tank?

    If I have a tank populated with 8 Chiclids, can I then remove them and replace with say 25 community fish in one fell swoop, or how is it possible to change from a species tank to a community tank? I'm sure this question is silly, but thats what we newbies are for...