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  1. SnailPocalypse

    Neon tetra with growth on mouth

    I have never seen this with Tetras.Personally, I would say just wait for further advancements before you take any action. Unless anyone has anything else to say.
  2. SnailPocalypse June 2018 Tank of the Month!

    Gah,I want to enter but my 60 gallon is getting rescaped today for something I want so will sadly probably have to wait
  3. SnailPocalypse

    Theoretical Betta Community / Open Breeding Environment

    What if you had community fish to spread the agression or disperse it from the males?
  4. SnailPocalypse

    Feeling pleased

    I understand the feeling.I breed guppies for a business and there are some striking ones.Good looking shrimp!
  5. SnailPocalypse

    Winner! - April 2018 FishForums Tank of the Month

    Congratulations Nick,very nice tank.A classic if you will.Though one day,I will beat you lol.
  6. SnailPocalypse

    Just bought a 60 Gallon tank, stocking ideas

    Hmm I cant really help with cichlids but I know someone who can.Im sure they will find your thread.
  7. SnailPocalypse

    Vote Now for the Fish Forums April 2018 TOTM

    Hey guys I know this isnt really a place for this but I noticed my neons got ick but I dont have a heater or money to treat them but I dumped some epsom in there will that work is there a different way?
  8. SnailPocalypse

    Comparing Betta Tanks to Dog Kennels - A Visual

    I mean your effort was nice.Just use smaller dogs lol
  9. SnailPocalypse

    Vote Now for the Fish Forums April 2018 TOTM

    Ah,good luck to all that entered! Thought it was 'bout time to enter the new 55 gallon that no one has seen lol
  10. SnailPocalypse

    Comparing Betta Tanks to Dog Kennels - A Visual

    Yeah the connection with bettas and dogs in some cases can work if done with SMALL dogs but some of these pics are like goldfish lol
  11. SnailPocalypse

    Bristlenose or rubber lip?

    Yeah what seangee said about RL is why I talked about the BN.
  12. SnailPocalypse

    Comparing Betta Tanks to Dog Kennels - A Visual

    I do like it.I just do not know if the 10 and 5 gallon one really fit.But otherwise I would agree.Its funny as I am 13 and I keep a well balance betta sorority in a 60 gallon lol.
  13. SnailPocalypse

    Betta attacking cherry shrimp, what can i do?

    Um I Think leaving them in a bag til you get a new tank should be ok.But you should jumpstart the tank with media from the main tank for quicker cycling.Just keep changing water in bag.
  14. SnailPocalypse

    Bristlenose or rubber lip?

    I would say both are fine but would go with BN
  15. SnailPocalypse

    Is it even possible to safely keep more than one betta together?

    I have just done it also with four females and it works out fine.Lots of plants and lots of space does it.
  16. SnailPocalypse April 2018 Tank of the Month!

    55 gallon Stock:4 australian rainbowfish 4 female bettas 8 neon tetras 9 guppies 1 nerite snail 4 otocinclus 1 bristlenose plecostomus Light:beamswork EA 6500k Fert:Micro and macro each week then a 50% WC at the end of the week Plants:Water wisteria/sprite Amazon sword Argentine sword Anubias...
  17. 20180429_192014.jpg


  18. SnailPocalypse

    PSA: Trim your Bacopa! (And plants in general)

    I dislike bacopa so instead of keep it I grow it and sell it :)