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  1. Aquarium Adventures

    Best plants for a beginner learning the ropes.

    I find Java fern to be fairly hardy, and gives quite an impact to a tank. Many of the crypt species also. If you added some anubius that would give you the basis for a very nice aquascape with some fairly hardy plants?
  2. Aquarium Adventures

    Which species of Killi are these?

    I'd guess Fundulopanchax gardneri?
  3. Aquarium Adventures

    Dwarf puffer- is my tank suitable?

    Snails are a great food - but I don't think Pea Puffers teeth continually grow in the same way most others do.
  4. Aquarium Adventures

    Dwarf puffer- is my tank suitable?

    I'm in the "They prefer larger groups" camp - I started with 3 and it was fine and all, but when I added some more they just because so much more active.
  5. Aquarium Adventures

    New light advice

    You could try some floating plants first to save you buying a new light maybe? Something like frogbit or dwarf water lettuce? If you can retrofit an LED light I really like these -
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  9. Aquarium Adventures

    Flowerhorn - Gill curl?

    Hi, 'Humphrey' has developed a gill issue - it was there from the day I got him but becoming more prominent. I'm led to understand that the only way to treat this is to perform surgery - but my question is are there any negative health impact to leaving it untreated - or rather, if I did leave...
  10. Aquarium Adventures

    Hello everyone!

    That is the last tank I set up (that isn't just a bare bottom tank) Rocks and sticks scavenged from my local river and plants stolen from my other tanks - pics of my others all claim to be too big, so will have to shrink them down later
  11. Aquarium Adventures

    LFS with a difference

    I visited a new shop local to me today and have uploaded a video of the tour to my YouTube channel (Aquarium Adventures). The place has sustainability and ethics at its core which I've found rare, and it was great to see. Check it out - Sustainable Aquatics
  12. Aquarium Adventures

    Hello everyone!

    You may live to regret saying that!
  13. Aquarium Adventures

    Hello everyone!

    I did put it in the original post but was removed - but it is the same as my username
  14. Aquarium Adventures

    Indentifying and fighting algae

    It looks like you have some BBA there (black beard algae) - as it is only a little you can spot treat with some hydrogen peroxide. I knows others have some success with Seachem Excel but it has never actually worked for me. I'm fighting a massive outbreak at the moment in one of my tanks and...
  15. Aquarium Adventures

    Hello everyone!

    Hi all - If my better half is to be believed I have too many fish tanks and too many fish - so this seemed like the perfect place to talk to more reasonable people!! I've often used this forum as a resource when researching things so though it was about time I joined! I have a few 'display'...