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    Potential fin rot? Even if the parameters seem fine?

    Cycled - yes Filter - yes Heater - yes, current temperature is 25.5 C Ammonia - test shows 0.5ppm but my tap water comes out exactly the same. Nitrite - 0 Nitrate ~5 Hi there, I've had Gliese since December in a 95l planted community tank with some neon tetras, corys and snails. Her fins are...
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    Tiny white bugs?

    Hi there, My 25l tank is relatively new (about 3 months old) and I just have a betta in there with some java moss, driftwood, anubias and elodea (which isn’t doing so well so any tips on that would be great too). Today I found these tiny white critters darting around the surface of my tank. I’ve...
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    I bought a betta because he had fin rot, but could he be developing dropsy too?

    Hi there, As the title suggests, I saw this little guy in a fish shop, in a dirty tank full of dead mollies. He was incredibly underweight but still really energetic and I couldn't just leave him there to die. He's got some fin rot that I'm trying to tackle with aquarium salt and melafix, but...
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