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    30 Plecos Under 8 Inches

    Yeah, no problem. I'll ammend things. I'm all for keeping this list as accurate as possible, and I definetly don't doubt your position, I just wanted a link just incase anyone complained about it. Thanks for the input! :)
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    30 Plecos Under 8 Inches

    Do you have a link to back that up? Every resource I've read says no more than 4" (including planet catfish.) Just looking for conformation; if there is wrong info. i'd like to ammend it asap.
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    Cloudy Tank

    The gravel cloud will settle within the next 2 or so days depending upon how well you rinsed it. You can always do small daily water changes to help remove as much dust as possible.
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    My Diy 55g Stand, Plans And Pics Included

    The stand looks great! :D However, if it were my own I might be kind of concerned about the front bowing. It seems like a center support brace for the front might be nice. Just because, if even in the very unlikely chance that does bow, then it would put loads of stress on the tank and it would...
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    Proper Level Of Water

    Well, I certainly have never heard of anyone keeping their water level above the top of the tank. :D No, but really, just eyeball it. Probably a .5 inch gap. About ish I guess should be fine.
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    Community Tank

    There are soo many suggesions that people could give, it's ridiculous. Better to look around for one certain fish that you really like, then build your tank around that one fish. Have fish that have similar diets, aggression, and can peacefully inhabit a tank with your fish of choice. Once you...
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    My Ph Is Sooooo Low

    This may seem like a really obvious question, but I'll ask anyways. Have you added anything that would buffer your ph lately, ie wood, substrate any decor or things of such nature? Just checking. :/
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    I used to use one of those water jugs with a tap attached to them, fill it, set it on top of the tank, then lift that little trigger and let it flow out of the nozzle. ( for filling a tank) Then I got a python syphon and haven't looked back once. :D
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    My Ph Is Sooooo Low

    Be careful, it's not extreme ph's that are likely to kill fish but extreme ph shifts. I'd try to stay away from ph altering chemicals. Have you tested your local tap water? Better to use that to adjust your ph, that way when you do weekly water changes, it's not such a drastic swing for your...
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    A Suggestion For Tff

    I thought that too, but upon a second read I think smurf was talking about having a brackish fish index. There is one for saltwater and fresh but no brackish.
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    A Suggestion For Tff

    Try putting this in the board anouncements and suggestions section. It will probably get more attention. :/
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    Planted Or Not

    Well, yes andy has some good points, but in a new setup it might be nice to have plants help to remove some of the nitrates that build up. They do accomplish that. And if we're talking about waste accumulating under the plants, then why even have any places for the fish to hide? Waste gets...
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    Future 60 Gallon Help

    With a tank the size of 60 gallons, a non-pressurized co2 system is not likely to be very stable. I'd recommend buying a tank and everything. Check out peoples co2 setups in the planted section. They'll also be able to give you a lot more info on what lighting to use. Or depending on what and...
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    Future 60 Gallon Help

    How thick is the glass? If it was originally bought for reptiles, the glass may be too thin. umm... Also neons are also part of an angels diet in the wild so it will be like hunting season. :( Plants will do fine in sand. As for filters especially on a tank that large external is always a good...
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    Anyone Ever Seen A Freshwater Polychaete Worm?

    It has 110 appendages. UGHH. That's 106 too many. I say the only logical solution is to tie it to an m80. That way it's quick and painless. :D But that really is freaky.
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    Dosing Ferts?

    Thanks a bunch guys.
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    The-wolfs' Tanks

    What ever happened to the wolf who had to trick people into seeing his photos with deceptive titles? :D BTW, the sand in the 82g is great. How deep is it at it's deepest?
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    5ft Comunity Tank

    Is that a diy hood? It looks great!
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    You Know You're A Fish Keeper When...

    Muscle memory forces you to do water changes on wednesday regardless of where you are. You've accidentally sucked a malaysian trumpet snail through a piece of airline tubing...five minutes ago.
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    Dosing Ferts?

    For those of you out there who use laterite: Do you still dose ferts, or is that just overkill on nutrients? I'm just wondering if it's something I should be doing. If so, does anyone feel like recommending a good u.s. fert brand and how often they do dose. Sorry, if this has been covered before...