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  1. FroFro

    Angelfish fry die off

    I’ve tested my water each day and the nitrates stay around a steady 20ppm, baffled by this I tested my water straight from the tap, my tap water is also reading at 20ppm. I don’t think prime negates nitrates or ammonia permanently when treating water, just chlorine/heavy metals in the water. My...
  2. FroFro

    Angelfish fry die off

    Bbs is the best food for angelfish fry until they are old enough to be weaned off and introduced to dry foods. I have read that something called micro worms are great for them as well but have never tried
  3. FroFro

    Angelfish fry die off

    I’ve been cleaning the gravel each time. I just checked my api test kit and it’s expired, I’m not sure if this affects the readings or not but since this post I’ve performed a 90% water change while removing all the artificial plants I’ve added to the tank as a precaution. I’m thinking my...
  4. FroFro

    Angelfish fry die off

    I have 1month old angelfish fry I’m rearing in a 29 gallon tall before they are moved to the 55. Everything has been going great, no die offs, healthy appetites, consistent 50% water changes every 4 days with gravel siphoning. Three days ago I started experiencing 2-3 angels die for the first...
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  6. FroFro

    Looks tasty right?

    Funny enough here is my male bn flashing his fins for the ladies
  7. FroFro

    Looks tasty right?

    Would you like some dip to go with it 😆?
  8. FroFro

    Looks tasty right?

    Making some custom repashy that I’ll dehydrate into jerky for my bn plecos. I blended (all frozen and then thawed) baby brine shrimp, krill, blood worms, tubifex worms, daphnia, freshwater mysis shrimp, seaweed, and zucchini with a splash of garlic juice and let it set. It’ll be cut into long...
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  11. FroFro

    Angelfish diagnosis

    Nothing read within dangerous levels, my nitrates did read at .25 ppm from the water I removed while siphoning/the weekly water change but this isn’t unusual for this time of week and I had also performed a 60% water change. I’m not sure his age but he’s at least three years old given is size.
  12. FroFro

    Angelfish diagnosis

    The red along is back? That’s a natural coloration
  13. FroFro

    Angelfish and Rosy Tetras

    If what you’re referring to is this species of tetra below then yes they do fine with angels. I had quite a few in my 60 gallon with my adult angels and never had any issues with aggression or fin nipping. They like to school and can get to a decent size so be sure your tank is large enough...
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  15. FroFro

    Angelfish diagnosis

    I recently adopted this angelfish from a local Facebook rehoming group. He’s in quarantine with two other juveniles for about four days now. I did my water change this morning and noticed he was breathing heavily, tested my water from my drain buckets and parameters read normal. Came home to...
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  20. FroFro

    Angelfish eggs question

    I've got the blue on order but sadly amazon likes to take their merry time nowadays. These angels caught me off gaurd with the egg laying. I used the peroxide as it was what I had on hand, but don't worry I'll be using the blue for any future artificial egg rearing. So far the eggs havent shown...